Monique Lhuillier :: Ready To Wear

Guess who just found out that Monique Lhuillier has a ready-to-wear line? This gal.

A little background: TF and I don't have cable. We have Apple TV which includes Netflix. While browsing, I stumbled upon Designers, Fashions and Runways, a show that includes three different designers per episode. It's pretty low budget, but it's fun to see the behind the scenes of these fashion runway shows and learn more about designers like Monique, Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg and some new up and comers.

So yes, I stumbled upon an episode with Monique Lhullier and discovered that she has a ready-to-wear line. Well, ready-to-wear if you have a large budget and somewhere fantastic to go every day.

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Love it.



Yep. I gots one. I didn't even mean to have one, I just sort of fell into it. Do you know what I mean? The go-to outfit when you're not feeling up to being creative? I sure hope so. 

Here's what I'm talking about:

 I literally have this American Apparel shirt in every color. I swear this really is the most amazing v-neck. Ever.

This type of lightweight scarf always ends up around my neck. I've been sporting this trend for three years. Is it time to let it go? Shh. I can't, it spruces it  up any plain jane outfit in a snap!

These Levi's have become my staple. They don't stretch easily and if I roll them up right above my ankle they're pretty darn cute. Winning!

These TOM's, 

and these sperry's always end up on my feet. Hey, I walk to work. Don't hate.

So sure, my uniform isn't so bad. It's adorably tom-boyish...for the first couple of weeks..but now, it's a full on bad habit. Help! I need a new go-to!

Make it stop! 


Well, Hello!

Hello Friends! As you've likely noticed, I've been off the radar for quite some time. I'm not coming back completely yet, I simply wanted to check in and say 'ello and give a quick update! Life is good in Santa Monica and time is flying by! Our Summer has been busy and chock full of wedding fun, new adventures on the West coast, and then of course settling into our humble abode. On the radar now includes a couple trips to Chicago and my hometown as well as a potential trip to Vegas with my ladies.


That's all for now! I hope all is well and that you're enjoying your Summer as much as I am. 

Life is good.