Freck...the Actress?


So last Saturday evening, TBF got an email that asked if he could be an extra in a short film... they also needed another girl extra, so I was their girl. Why not? I enjoy new experiences...plus I though it'd be fun to do some acting together..but I really didn't think I was going to do anything but stand in the background of a scene.

Well, turns out, we had lines.

I was scared, nervous, excited, nervous, scared and excited.

So, I knew what I had to say and what I had to do, and I had TWO AND A HALF hours of downtime (they were running pretty far behind schedule) ...we got so bored that we played Old Maid for awhile

It should have also given me ample time to think about what I had to do. 

So..I was super prepared, right?

Well, yeah, until they yelled "ACTION

...then I'd blank out for a few seconds...then I'd remember what I had to say at the last minute...and it'd turn out okay. We did the scene about 6 or 7 times using different angles so that it looked good, and although I was relaxed by the last scene, it was still difficult to concentrate while moving, listening to other peoples lines, then having to remember what to say and where to look each time. 

Acting sounds glamorous.

It's hard!

I don't think Freck will ever be an actress.

List of things Freck can do:
Be an actress
Cake decorator
Blogger for life...

I'm counting on the third one... :)


Shoes...Omigod Shoes

I just got these today and I love them :)

This isn't the exact picture because the ones that I got are more a sharper patent black leather and have a long feather/leaf looking detail along the side. Very quirky and the perfect heel height.

When TBF and I were walking around the shoe store, we noticed that were a ton of jesus sandals. I'm not digging these jesus sandals, or the shoes that are commonly known as gladiator sandals that go up  the ankle. Thoughts??

Some girls who pull off the bohemian look can pull these off, and I am happy for them. I can't pull them off! 

Speaking of bad shoes...

I stumbled across this site:

I'm guilty of one. Uggs. I can't help it, it's coolddd in Chicago!

This is creepy but I found it to be appropriate since my post was all about SHOES :) Fast forward to one minute in and end it around 2:15 because the first and last parts are weird...

Weird, right? but kind of funny..

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!


Thursday's Random Thoughts...

RIP Speakers, I returned them. Cha-ching..$44 back in my pocket.

Happy Earth Day..yesterday.

I love my new Claddagh ring from TBF that he gave me for my birthday.
(I'm part Irish, hence Freck)

I have a job interview today with a marketing company, I'm excited and nervous.

I can't believe I survived a semester's worth of MWF 8:15 classes and 2, 2 and a half hour night classes on Wednesday nights.

I can't believe I graduate in 2 and a half weeks.

In theory, I'd really really love to travel for a couple weeks before starting a job. Who doesn't want to do that?

I think someone has slipped me some horse pills, my hair is growing and exposing my roots at a rapid rate. This is unfortunate and expensive.

I love this and plan on doing something similar when I move into my new apartment.

I have a ton of one of (one particular) letters, pictures and paintings of mine that I want to display in a creative and fun way. This is perfect.

Oh, and I'm obsessed with V-neck, short sleeve shirts from American Apparel right now. They're really comfortable!




Guess who's adorable, cute, quirky, brand new speakers blew out after ONE hour at her birthday bash on Friday night?


Boo Urban! If only you knew how long I wanted these baby's. I'll be returning them Wednesday. Punks.

So the birthday celebration was a blast, but getting up the next morning to go to the Cubs game was a little rough. After consuming a recovery beverage before the game, TBF and I were A-okay and ready to watch the game!

Look at how great these seats were! Freck's dad rules. He's one of the biggest Cubbies fans ever. I was a happy birthday girl.

After the game, TBF and I headed home to shower and freshen up for dinner at The Stained Glass in Evanston, one of my favorite places. I wish I would have remembered my camera..maybe 5 hours of sleep and drinking beer doesn't increase your memory...

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!!! Have a lovely week!


Birthday List

If I could have anything for my birthday I would get...

A Yacht...naturally..who wouldn't want one?

An island. Do I need to explain?

A personal trainer...I would need to look good if I am going to be spending time on my yacht and island...

Don't hate me.

My family and friends to be around all the time.


I finally got them!

TGIF! : ) 


Help, I Need Speakers...


They're foreign to me. Yes, they're simple items that make sound louder, but I don't know what's best for my mac. As some of you know, I'm having a little birthday party tomorrow, and I need some speakers.

Here are a few I've selected, let me know which one you'd get...

Hilarious Article About The iphone

"For the uninitiated, the iPhone is the cell phone + iPod + organizer + portable game console + friend when you're at a party and no one is talking to you and you've already peeled off the label on your beer."

- page 4 of today's RedEye

Read on for a good chuckle...


Warning: MIA

I will most likely be MIA for most of this week....


My birthday is on Saturday! I'm having a baseball themed birthday party on Friday night and going to a CUBS vs. CARDINALS game with TBF on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.

I can't believe there are only 2 weeks of classes left...graduation is right around the corner!

I just started my free month membership at the gym around the corner from my house. Tonight was my first workout in awhile and I feel good!! Tomorrow may be another story...

Happy Monday!!


This makes me laugh.

here we go, one more time, everybody's feelin' fine, here we go now! (yes yes yes here we goooo!!! Nsync has got the floooww!!!)

Everyone could use a little Nsync in their day :)



When I'm intimidated, my personality is that of a rock.

I don't know what to say.

Just thinking about being intimidated makes my heart skip a teeny beat

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly confident person.

I just get a little intimidated every once in awhile.
It's a total mind game.

I love this.

Ladies, let's be confident. Shall we?



Where did the weekend go??

It's snowing in Chicago.


It's April 5. 

Not okay.

Where did this weekend go? My weekend started Thursday evening when I went to see RENT with TBF which was AWESOME. He bought tickets for us for my birthday/anniversary present. I totally teared up about 3 times, which is a lot for me...It was wonderful. I'd only seen the movie, so I was pretty pumped to see it live! Adam Pascall and Anthony Rapp, two original members, were in it which I think is pretty awesome. I definitely recommend going to see it!

Friday I ran a few enjoyable errands (hello Target!), went out to dinner, then Guthries Tavern with TBF, a fantastic, chill bar in Wrigleyville where people basically sit around and play board games while drinking. 

Such a blast, totally recommend Guthries.

SO fun for an evening where you really just want to relax with a cold beer and some fun people. He totally kicked my booty in Scrabble. Warped is a very high scoring word, FYI.

What old school fun is all about.

Saturday was a successful shopping day at J. Crew and Gap and today was a lazy day filled with some local shopping (err...browsing) until it started RAINING AND SNOWING. Sick.

I did purchase this sweet Cubs hat though...

A new staple accessory for the days where I don't have time to shower...

Off to bed, time for another Monday. I will be going home in T-4 days which I'm extremely excited about.

What the?? No, this is NOT me, but it's just too good not to include in the post.



Beeping Noises and Paul Rudd

Every time I walk into a store these days, the security alarm beeps like crazy and I have no idea why. This is perfectly fine when the beep occurs every once in awhile..but when it happened during my teeny shopping extravaganza in every single store, it got a little old and slightly embarrassing; especially when I walked into one store (which was a teeny bit more hipster that normal) and a dude with huge, metal, circle earrings on (sorry I don't know what they're called) shouted said, "stealin shit already?!" hahahahaha.

Not funny.

The Freck goes beep.

I have no tags on my clothes, I wasn't wearing anything new...what the eff. I walked into Urban Outfitters and beeped which made me not want to return to the store to buy the fantastic giant ipod bud speakers that I wanted...perhaps another time. I refuse to walk into stores naked so I will continue to beep.

Anyway, onto my next subject: PAUL RUDD.

Have you seen Role Models or I Love You, Man? (or atleast Clueless???)

He plays a similar character every single time.

and I love it.

SO sweet, SO genuine, so adorable!

Ladies, there IS a Paul Rudd out there for all of you who will be super sweet and make you roll over laughing because he's a dork. Maybe that's not your thing, but it's mine, which is why I adore this dude.

TBF won't like this post, but since he sometimes calls me his little Elizabeth Shu (which I will never agree that we look similar), I will call him my little Paul Rudd.