Weekend Recap + Workout Fancies

This weekend was perfect!! TBF and I headed south on Friday after work to go visit Mama and Papa Freck and the fam. We did some serious boating and relaxing all weekend and I made a lovely new friend that my sister in law brought along. It was a full boat and we did some swimming, read some mags, enjoyed some beverages, ate some delicious food all while FINALLY wearing my new VS suit. Heaven. I noticed I was more comfortable just lounging in my suit and towel than I used to be, joining the gym was one of the best ideas ever.

Speaking of the gym, TBF will be doing a trial run for the next couple of weeks which is very exciting. I’m pretty sure he’s going to love it. I decided I should treat myself to some fun, cute and functional workout clothes since I’ve been so good…thoughts?

Lulu, $52

Lucy, $48

Running skort-so cute! Lucy, $58

Hmm..Do any of you wear cute clothes when you work out? I never really have, it's mainly lounge clothes (that still look nice) but not brand name items. I heard Lulu is awesome, and I see Lucy everywhere. Anyone have a favorite?

Happy Monday!


Shaina said...

I really think that cute workout clothes make all the difference! If you dress the part, then you WANT to work out, right? Riiiiight? Well okay, not really. But still, it helps.

And for my cute workout clothes...I go no further than Target! They have some cute stuff for those of us on a budget. LOVE the stuff you got though - especially that top tank. Adorable!

Jenn said...

i almost always wear black yoga pants (i'm short, so they're like regular length on me) and a wife-beater! i have them in 100 different colors. nothing exciting - just a cheapo outfit. :)for me - spending a ton of money on something i'm going to sweat in is hard to justify. however...the things you picked out are adorable!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Boating sounds fabulous! So jealous of your lovely weekend. Love the workout stuff - I want that skort! I usually just do the black yoga pant option, but I apparently need to change it up because that stuff is CUTE!

Milltini said...

I love those outfits!!! So precious. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Tommy said...

Well, I don't really go for "cute" exercise clothes, but these look neat for the ladies. I like basketball shorts and free T-shirts (from events usually) for my fitness needs. Speaking of, please keep us up to date on what TBF is going to do. I need a jump-start to my routine and would appreciate some ideas. Thanks! And good luck!

krystal said...

i love wearing leggings and a big v-neck tshirt or shorts and a big tshirt! sometimes i wear tank tops :) i loooove workin out!