Word of the day:
Smorgasbord: an extensive array or variety: 
The company has a smorgasbord of employee benefits.

TBF had a photo shoot during his work-lunch for a comedy show he has coming up, so I drove him back to work afterward and we passed a store that had smorgasbord written on it and I thought it was a cool word...


This is my first smorgasbord post.

I've been a little MIA. Stupid business law. I will work on it.

17 more "school days" until graduation. Woohoo!

It snowed yesterday in Chicago...what the eff? Mr. Weatherman, could you please make this stop? Its almost April...

Did everyone see the video I posted of the guy who can sing SUPERBLY high?? Lordy.

I'm going home for Easter and bringing TBF with me and I'm very excited. I haven't been home since Christmas.

My birthday is 19 days away and this excites me. Does anyone have any advice as to what I could do? I'm not super thrilled about going out to a bar, although that may be where we end up later on. I was hoping I could just do a fun dinner (aka cookout at the apartment with TR's and close friends)...who knows. Am I getting old if I don't want to be up until 1 am on my birthday????????


Art by TBF + Jewelry

TBF drew a picture of me at work today...I must say, he's a very talented artist. I won't say whether or not its super accurate, but it's a pretty great drawing :) 

When I was in the hospital awhile ago, he got ahold of a dry-erase marker and started drawing everyone we knew, ohhh good times. 

Onto the jewelry...

And lastly...for those of you who haven't heard of this store, I give you Uncommon Goods, one of the most interesting online stores you will ever browse. They recycle old items and turn them into random items...great idea, but check these pieces of jewelry out...

This is my opportunity to get some awesome "What the eff?!"'s out of you.

Did it work? Did I get any what the eff's? I knew it.

Alright, enough of this nonsense ;) 

Nighty night!! TGIF!!!


J. Crew Dresses Are Fantastic

Dear J. Crew.

I love some of your dresses that are on sale right now.

Especially these:

My birthday's coming up. Can you please give these to me for my birthday?  Thanks J. Crew, that'd be great. I'd really appreciate it.



Holy Mackerel!!!

I have 1,000 views!!! 

Hooray! That makes me feel pret-ty darn good my fellow followers. Thanks for following :)

I know some of you have been bloggy wogging for awhile, but this gal started at the end of last year so I feel this is a bit of a landmark for me. So awesome :) 

So anyway...

As some of you know, I love The Superficial..it's kind of a guilty pleasure. However today when I saw this entire ode entitled The Superficial: Wait, WTF is That? I couldn't help but feel bad for everyone they pointed out! Take a look for yourself. 

Bad Superficial! Don't make fun of these gals who can't help it if they have some physical flaws! Boo!

TR and I are hangin out and watched The Muffin video...always a stupid, but funny video to watch :)

Ok...a Really stupid video...but you laughed at least once, didn't you?

TR and I went to Anthropologie today, we both agreed that it's SUCH a relaxing store. She found a great black dress that was for sale. I loved all of the new dresses...

I want a DIY project where I can use these knobs...

Tomorrow's hump day!!!! YAYYY!!!


What a Fricken Weekend...

This weekend was pretty eventful...unfortunately I didn't get ANY studying done, BAD Freck. It's ok, had a great weekend :)

Friday after classes that I can't believe I made it to since I had a long night on Thursday, I went up to Evanston to surprise TBF and we (aka he) made din din that evening; a delish pasta and some bruschetta. The night ended with Milk and Baby Mama with TR and TBF. Good times.

Baby Mama = funny but could have been better. Tina Fey rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but she was pretty good in this movie. I always love Amy Poehler.

Milk = heavy movie but excellent. 

TR, TBF and I woke up Saturday morning, made nummy pancakes, went on a little walk because it was b-e-a-utiful out, went to Vines (a local restaurant with a sweet outdoor patio which was perfect since the weather was so fantastic), and then went to a frat event. Another fun night out. 

Now, I'm sitting with TR watching a movie after a long day with TBF in the burbs and frat festivities. 

I can't believe the weekend is over. Time to get in school mode. 

Haha, sweet Lisa Frank trapper keeper!! Those were the days...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Woohooo Award!

After a VERY long hump day yesterday, I came home to find a lovely award!! Thanks Katie at A Thrifty Girls Guide to the Kitchen! I've been eyeing this award for awhile, so I'm so happy to have it! :)

Here are the award rules: List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world know . . . you are Kreativ!

1. Friday nights, because you have the entire rest of the weekend ahead of you to relax.
2. Mornings where I get to relax in my pj's for awhile with my cereal (with chopped bananas in it) + my coffee, my laptop and morning talkshows blasting (Regis + Kelly, The Today Show).
3. A glass of wine after a long week.
4. Sitting down and painting something. It's the best way to clear my thoughts and relax.
5. TRs and TBF, what would I do without them?
6. Target...must I explain?
7. Green. Someone told me that your favorite color says a lot about you. I'm proud to say green is my favorite not only because it's a fantastic color, but also because it's a calm and relaxing color as well.

Nani at Chocolate and Wine

Wearing Mascara

A Little Inspirational Article...

So I've been having a rough time coping with a few of the changes that I'm going to encounter when I graduate, one HUGE change being my potential future job. Change in general is something everyone has a difficult time with, everyone is different when it comes to how comfortable we are with uncertainty about our future.

Here's a little inspirational article I found that I'd like to share with all of you who need a little boost in your day to keep your chin up. It helped me out.

Here is are two quotes from the article that stood out to me:

"We are all obsessed with knowing how things are going to work out. Becoming good with uncertainty will put you way ahead of the crowd right now. You really don't know how things will work out. The quality of your life is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty you can take. People who go for certainty make quick and often wrong decisions."
"The thousands who have gone through change successfully? They are all optimists. Something good followed their toughest changes."

Read on...

Just remember, we are all blessed.


Cake Decorating

How awesome would it be to be a cake decorator? In another life, I must have been a cake decorator or a painter. I think the coolest part of having a cake worthy event would be picking out the cake. There are some awesome ones out there!

I really admire all the people who are cake decorators. You're doing something you love. Do you think there are any CD (yep, abbreviated cake decorators) out there who have a degree from a business school and decided to change their career? Jeez, I'd love to do that. I may gain 20893 pounds, but hey I'd be working when I actually want to and I'd have time to go work out and burn off all those calories from the delicious icing. 

I'm addicted to the Food Network's Ace of Cakes and all of the cake Challenges. This weekend there was a marathon of Disney cake Challenges and I couldn't unglue my tooshy from the couch. It was awesome.

How sweet are all of these?

Wrigley Field

I love sushi :)

Old school Nintendo.

Love shoes :)

So cool!

Mmmmmm Oreos :)

Who doesn't love Starbucks?

So realistic!

Love musicals.

So realistic!

Does anyone know of any cooking classes in Chicago? I'd love to do anything from sip some wine and watch someone decorate a cake right in front of me to getting up there myself and attempting to decorate and assemble a cool cake.

Happy hump day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I just received my MAC cosmetics email, and the new colors are so bright and springy, perfect for this BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago. I can't wait to get out of work and go for a lonnnnngggg walk.

Happy St. Patrick's day! After the long weekend of St. Patty's Day festivities, I can't believe it's NOW officially St. Patrick's Day. Not gonna lie, I feel like it was over Sunday night around 5 pm. The chances of me actually breaking my Lent promise (drinking during the week unless for celebratory purposes) is slim to none. I'm not even wearing GREEN today and it's my favorite color! Do people still pinch you if you don't have green on today?

I read half of this months InStyle, one of the best mags ever, last night before I went to bed (when I should have been studying), and basically I WANT SUMMER PEOPLE. Now, I say this, but I do have mixed feelings. Follow me here: there are officially 6 1/2 more weeks until I graduate. This also means that there are 6 1/2 more weeks until I will (hopefully) have a full time position where I won't be able to enjoy the sunshine, but rather be staring at the rays as they enter into an office building. See my dilemma? That's what I thought.

Biggest Loser is on tonight!! I HAVE to watch it. I haven't seen it the past couple of weeks, this isn't good. I need a serious catch up session. Can't wait :)

Oh, and after watching That Thing You Do on Sunday, I realized again how much I adore Liv Tyler. This gal had an interesting childhood. For example, she didn't realize her DAD was Steve Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith) until she was nine...


An Ode to Anthropologie

I won't go into great detail about what I adore at Anthropologie right now (maybe later?) but for now, I will show you some items that I love love love!

I LOVE these earrings, they come in three different colors. I just love their shape and color, and the price is reasonable at $38! I'm normally not a fan of gold, but I think it adds a cute, fun vintage look to them.  Thoughts?

Update with the sunburn: aloe has been applied, and it seems like freckles are appearing by the second.

That's all for now :)

SouthSide Parade + Sunshine = Sunburn

I went to the SouthSide Parade today and was effing roasted by the sun I'm so BURNT. HOLY CRAP, it's official, I have a sunburn in March. 

I was wearing a V neck, short sleeve shirt while walking around so I have quite the farmers tan. I'm so pale, so I should have been more careful! After 3 or 4 days, the burn will disappear and I wont even have a tan...I'm English, Irish, Dutch and German...a deadly recipe for sunburns. How come I didn't get any sun when I was in Florida??

Should have used this...

I'm not ready to go back to school this week...

Hope everyone had a nice and safe St. Pattys Day weekend!