Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed!

The season 11 cast lineup was revealed!

It includes The situation, Brandi and Audrina Patridge.

The premiere is September 20.

I'm so there.

Are you?

PS :: I'm feeling much better today! Tommy put it perfectly: I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. :) Happy Tuesday!


Freck's Friday Fancies LIX

So, I'm happy to share that I may or may not be helping a very very good friend of mine decorate her wedding reception (among other fun things).

Ever since she asked for my help, I've been brainstorming and scouring the nets for the perfect centerpieces, guest seating cards, etc. (of course). As you may notice, her colors are chocolate and different greens and her wedding is in late September, so there's definitely a cozy, lovely Fall theme. The bride is a smart gal and is going for the DIY, chic and practical route. Here's my biggest challenge: the centerpieces. She didn't order flowers (big money saver, very smart) so we're thinking of a sticks or a clustered candle centerpiece approach. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here's where you come in. Tell me what you like, what you hate, etc. Regardless, here are this week's fancies...

A warning to my darling bride - you know who you are because I know you'll read this - please don't be freaked out. I'm searching for ideas and sharing concepts :) Your voice is definitely the biggest factor here. Love you deary, so excited and thrilled for you. I'm so grateful to be able to help out on your big day.

images via here, here, here, here, here

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Have you seen anything lately that you loved?

Happy Friday!


I'm Officially Craving A...

delicious caramel apple

and a hot chai tea - via


Yesterday I walked out the front door and got a bite of fresh, chilled Fall air. Fall is the best. And so are caramel apples and chai's.
Mmm..cue the hot fire, cozy scarves and amazing boots and I have myself a little party.

What's your favorite thing about Fall?


Swanky Quotes

I'm not a huge fan of Hillary Swank as an actress, but as a person, I love reading about her because she's so real.

In the September 2010 issue of InStyle, not only are her photos lovely - yes! that's her above! - , but she says some lovely quotes that I felt compelled to share.

I say to all the relationships in my life, just be honest with me. I'd rather hear something I don't want to hear than figure it out later.

We are constantly evolving. We are always growing.

Life is about family. You have to be there for your people. Without that, what's the point?

Check out the article yourself in the September issue of InStyle.

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Happy hump day!


Say Hello To My Little Friend...

West Elm :)

I introduced my mother to my little friend West Elm this weekend.

She adored it. Who wouldn't?

All images via.

Is West Elm your little friend, too? If not, who is?

Happy Tuesday :)


Picnic Time!

To my surprise TBF said to me this weekend, "We should pack a picnic and take it to the lake to enjoy when the weather cools off a little."


I was so thrilled to hear this! Why? I love picnic's, I love eating outside and I love the lake. TBF used to hate eating outside, so the fact that he wants to actually plan a meal and eat outside is awesome. Plus, what's better than gathering together on a nice day, with a pretty landscape, yummy food and people you love?

The weather has been so terribly hot this summer so the fact that it's cooling off (FINALLY) is making us super eager to get out there and enjoy it before it starts snowing again in this weather bipolar city.

So I'm jones'n for a practical picnic basket for two. We thankfully only need to walk a couple of blocks to the lake so we'll be close, but I'd like to be prepared.

By the way, have you ever researched picnic baskets? There are some serious picnic baskets out there. Check out the crazy
expensive ones I found!

Windsor Picnic Basket, $249

Somerset Picnic Basket, $149
I actually like this one, I wish it'd go on sale!

Highlander Picnic Basket, $129

Now this is a practical one ($30)...but would it be better if I got a whole set with silverware, plates, etc? Am I missing something or really do I simply need some plastic-ware and my own tupperware?

Psst, and for the serious picnickers out there, did you know there is a picnic-basket.com, and have you checked out Real Simple's Picnic Gadgets section?

Hopefully since we're on the brink of fall these baskets will start going on sale!!

Any picnic tips? Ideas?

Happy Monday :)


I Did It

Can Fall come any sooner?

I can't wait to sport my newest investment :) Yep, I did it.

When I tried it on, all it took was the sales woman and TBF saying, "you must get it." So I did.

Speaking of J.Crew investments, have any of you purchased J. Crew's
Matchstick jeans? With my favorite brand of jeans going under (RIP M+O), I decided to give the Matchstick jean a try and I (of course) fell in love with them but didn't get them because I wasn't in love with the price tag. If you haven't taken the Matchstick plunge, where are your favorite jeans from?

In other news, TBF and my last day of
Insanity is Sunday. We're pumped to have completed the program! We aren't going to quit though! We're going to take a recovery week then do what we need to maintain the bod's we've worked so hard for. A complete Insanity review to come! Lastly, my parents are vising this weekend!

Yep! That's them, aren't they cute?!

What's this mean? No FFF because I'll be out and about with the 'rents and TBF at a Cubs game, shopping or dining at my dad's favorite restaurant, Harry Caray's.

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to tell me about your favorite brand of jeans!