Schwinn Guilt

So after reading over my last post. I feel like a @#$*#($. Why? My father, after 8 years of having the same car since I was 16, actually just helped me purchase a new vehicle that is a major upgrade to the one I had. You see, Bernie, my old car, would never have passed California emissions standards, let alone survive the drive out to California. So it was time to invest in a new set of wheels, and not a Schwinn this time.

Here's Bernie before...

That sweet spoiler is what made this Oldsmobile feel sporty. Bernie's blushing.

And this is the one I have now...

Isn't it pretty?!

TF and I are giddy little school kiddies because it's amazing and such an upgrade compared to Bernie (sorry Bern...).

It sync's up with my phone! For those of you who don't know what that means (I didn't!), your car acts as a blue tooth. So whenever you dial or receive a call while in the vehicle, your car takes over and acts as a bluetooth!

That's right, my lucky caller (aka the sushi place down the street) speaks to me through the speakers. Very cool.
And get this...there's a sunroof! Yep, I'm thrilled about something that has been around for a very long time. It's my FIRST sunroof though! It'll be awesome in SM.

My dad's gets the "best dad ever" award for searching high and low for the best vehicle for us. Thanks dad :)


We'll Getcha A Schwinn

That's what my dad used to jokingly say to me before my 16th birthday. Back then, I thought that sounded like the worst set of wheels ever. Now, I'm kind of jonesin' for one to ride after our move to Santa Monica.

Especially since they look like this now...

I'll take one now, dad! :)

Would you?


Freck's Friday Fancies LXXXVII

April showers bring May flowers, right? I sure hope so! I'm at home in central Illinois today and it is raining cats and dogs!! So, of course I'm in the mood to fancy all things rainy-day related. :)

Have a great weekend, stay dry!


Mumford & Sons

Am I late to this Mumford & Sons party? Are you at the party? Are you digging M&S a whole lot? I really love 'em. Big time.

If you aren't aware of Mumford & Sons yet, try listening to The Cave and Awake My Soul. Join the party, take a listen and thank me later.

Happy Thursday!



This sounds far too familiar lately. After a wonderful {yet busy} birthday weekend, I'm pooped!



Today is my 24th birthday. My oh my how time flies. I have so much to be thankful for, my birthday is just a cherry on top of all that is happening in my life right now.

While I was 23...
  • I got a new job that I enjoy and absolutely has made me a happier person.
  • I became an aunt (again, twice!) in the last year.
  • I traveled to San Francisco, Washington DC and Baltimore.
  • I visited Santa Monica twice, on the second trip TF and I found our new home.
  • I got engaged to my best friend.
  • We found our church and reception spot for our wedding day.

All incredible things that I'm so proud and grateful for. Since my birthday lands on a Monday, what did I do over the weekend, you ask?

Friday night, my girlfriends and I had planned to go out on the town to celebrate, however after a looonng week I was pooped and we ended up enjoying wine, boardgames and much-needed gabbing. It was a blast. :)

Flowers and yummy cupcakes were waiting for me when I arrived home from TF.

Saturday, we cleaned (fun, right?), Tarshay'd it up, attended Mass at the church we'll be married in then enjoyed a delicious meal at Kith & Kin in Lincoln Park.

Sunday, TF made me a big yummy breakfast then surprised me with a trip to the
Shedd Aquarium where we saw the penguins, dolphins and whales (oh, my!).

We then enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Purple Pig and I scored some great pieces at J. Crew if I do say so myself.

Today, I'm not sure what we're doing. TF won't tell me where we're going to dinner, but boy am I excited!

I can't wait to see what 24 will bring.
Have a fantastic day everyone.


Anthro Love

My good friend Grace wrote this post recently which reminded me of how badly I need to take a trip to Anthropologie to get myself a little birthday gift. After all it is right around the corner!

I drool over this dress every time.


Come Back.

All I need is one Olson twin. I know they walk around looking like homeless folks every now and then, but they really clean up and act well in the movies! Maybe I just miss them...and Full House?

Whatever, I just need an Olson twin back in my life.

Who's with me!?


Mission Accomplished.

Success!! We found an apartment! TF and I won't be homeless when we move to Santa Monica at the end of May. Yippee!!

Here's a look at our trip...

We enjoyed the view from our patio.

Of course we went here to enjoy some yummy breakfast where we met the head baker, her husband, new baby and her parents!

We enjoyed the view of the Promenade from here.

We stayed here.

We soaked in the sun.

Took a trip to the beach.

And even saw the Grand Canyon!

I can't believe this is our new home. ...Wow. :)


Right Now...

I hope I'm enjoying something like this on the balcony of our hotel in Santa Monica...


Wedding Update I

Hooray for wedding planning! We're trying our hardest to plan as much as we can while we're here. So with that, work and planning our move, I'm finding very little time to post. Now that I have some time, I've had some requests to post a wedding update so here we have it!

Date finalized - It will be a June 2012 wedding at a Catholic church in Lincoln Park, and our reception is in a loft-like space about a mile north.

Colors {almost} set - We're leaning toward my favorite color, green, and TF's favorite color, navy, with a neutral gray and pops of bright colors in between.

Ring reset - Since the ring was TF's grandmother's, the setting was loose and I lost a couple of diamonds within the first week. After a couple of weeks (which felt like forever!) I had it back in it's new setting and I'm even more in love with it than I was.



My dress and my bridesmaids dresses
- I know what I want, I just can't find it. :) (By the way, those of you who have been through finding The Dress with your mother/sister/friends, did you have any problems? Did they have opinions about the dress you should wear and what you wanted? Please give me some advice here! :D )

Two little flower darlings
- My Godmother's adorable daughter and niece will be gracing the aisle's presence prior to my arrival. ;)

That's it for now! We're visiting Santa Monica this Wednesday with the only goal being to find an apartment once we move in late May. Wish us luck!!