Where Are You?

I'm looking for you. I know you're out there and I know that you'll be an investment, but could you be somehow magically be on sale? How about on super sale?

Are you my new boots?

What about you?

Maybe you?

or you?

I really hope you're them!

Have you seen them? My new flat boots? Do you have any? If so, where and when did you get them?


The Perfect Fall Dress.

Three quarter length sleeves, a scoop neckline, heavy fabric, flattering skirt.

5 different colors.



Let The Countdown Begin

After eight or nine months of planning, last Friday was the big wedding day for my lovely friends, the now Mrs. and Mr. C. Did I ever mention I introduced them? As of 5 am the next morning, they were off on their honeymoon to Aruba! The morning of the big day was a bit dreary, but around noon the sun broke out and the day turned out just beautiful. Everyone had a great time, especially the bride and groom of course :)

Now that this event is over -
I can't believe it's over! - I can't help but think about the next big event, our trip to San Francisco, which is less than three weeks away!

Sigh, and the countdown begins!

Happy Monday :)



The cutest bee I could find :)

That's the sound I'm making because life has me super busy right now. Between work, prepping for a girlfriend's wedding this Friday (aka working overtime to make sure I get everything done before I leave the office tomorrow), and keeping my sanity, I'm buzzing like a crazy woman.

Having said that, my posts will be few and far between until the weekend.
I hope you're having a great week!



Freck's Friday Fancies LXI


Yeah, I said it.

I never thought I'd say it, but my fancies this week are jeggings. Jeggings with pockets made to look like skinny jeans.


Because I love the pairs that I got. Please note I only wear them with boots because they slip into them nicely (and stay all day) and I cover up my rear when I get the instinct to do it. Ladies, you know what I mean? You get the instinct where you're like whoa, I am not bootylicious, but with these boots on and the jeggings and just a sweater, the instinct just comes.

Here are this week's fancies...

Try 'em out with your boots and you'll likely enjoy them as well. Comfortable, sleek and easy. Boom.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Middle Part

Rachel Zoe is one of the few women who can get away with her hair parted in the middle.

Well, Whitney rocks it.

and so does Jessica.

Are there any other celebs who rock a middle part? Do you rock a middle part?

Personally it's not a look I can pull off (oh to be blessed with a round-ish oval face), so I'm super envious of the ladies who can pull it off!


I'm In Lust.

Oh dear.


What a weekend!!

The bachelorette party was a success and I had the hangover (which was totally worth it) to prove it. My gals from college (minus one sadly), plus a few of the bride's close friends from home and I reunited and we had a great time. We are so happy for her, it's an exciting time :)

Now it's back to the workin' world.

Happy Monday :)


Freck's Friday Fancies LX

I'm so glad it's Friday folks.

Although things are slowing down, it's still been quite a week. Tomorrow's agenda involves some quality time with a girlfriend who's getting married in TWO WEEKS (eee!) where we'll be practicing her makeup for her big day, potentially having some diy fun then her bachelorette partay is that evening. Woot woot!

Time for the Fancies! I'm obsessing over these Anthropologie looks. In the spirit of Fall, I couldn't help but showcase some of their amazing looks this season.

all images via

Love, right? My favorite is the first look. Doesn't she look adorable with her groceries? What's your fave?

Have a lovely weekend!



What are your thoughts?

I was utterly opposed to these puppies as, I for one, hate the idea of leggings as pants. Leggings are
not pants.

...but are jeggings pants?

I confess, I totally ordered 2 pairs of jeggings to try out.

and These.

Why did I get them? I'm so glad you asked! :D These appear to look like actual jeans with pockets and the idea of tucking them easily into...

...these precious darlings
makes me super happy. Ideally I'll wear them with a longer top to cover my tooty and under boots. I don't think I'd ever wear them without boots.

Please, do share how you feel about jeggings.



Finally :)

Fall is here in Chicago!

I had my moment when I slipped this and these on this morning.

When did you have your moment?

Psst, I know, I gave myself an extended vaca, it's been a crazy week again. Sue me ;)


R & R Away

Because of a bit of a perfect storm, it's kind of been "one of those weeks" and I couldn't be more ready for some R & R on the boat with TBF and the fam back at home this weekend.

From now until next Tuesday when I return, I'll be taking a bit of a bloggy break so I can focus on relaxing.
Yep, it's sad, I actually have to focus to get my super antsy bootay to relax!

isn't this photo relaxing?

What are your plans this weekend?? Have a great one!