Santa Monica FAQ's

Hooray for moving! I received a couple of questions regarding our move to Santa Monica from Chicago and I'd love to address them!

Why are you moving there?
We're moving to Santa Monica because my job is moving me out there. This has been in the works for quite some time so to say I'm relieved to be out of limbo is an understatement. Please note we're not into the LA scene, and we have a great group of friends from the Midwest in the Santa Monica area. Hopefully we'll be plenty prepared to avoid "that" scene. In other words, I won't be near Laguna or The Hills.

What will you be doing?

The headquarters for my company is in Chicago and the satellite offices, including Santa Monicam have yet to employ anyone in my specific department. I'll be the guinea pig and (hopefully) the seed to grow my department in the Santa Monica office. Lots of pressure but I'm excited about this opportunity.

Do both of you have jobs?

I do have a job and TF is currently looking for one. In the meantime he'll be flexing his acting muscles. Why not, right? He'll be in the right place.

Are you buying a house?

I wish! It's pricey out there yo! Our visit next week is to specifically look for an apartment and for me to work out of the Santa Monica office for a couple of days. Wish us luck with finding an apartment! :)

Are you getting married out there?

This may be my favorite question. Bless your heart Up North Preppy! We're still getting married in Chicago. This is going to be an interesting planning experience, but the good news is I'm super familiar with Chicago and it's the best hub for all our guests and family who will be flying in from both coasts, the South and Ireland.

There you have it! Let me know if you have anymore questions and pretty please with a Santa Monica sunset on top keep your fingers crossed for us. Again, any thoughts and prayers would be fantastic. I feel silly asking but honestly I'm so nervous (yet excited!) that I'm thinking any bit of help would be much appreciated. :)

Stay tuned for a wedding update post soon!

God Speed.


Freck's Friday Fancies + Some News

I'm going to get to wear some of these fancies in less than two weeks because I'll be visiting Santa Monica. Yep, again.

I'm super happy, scared, nervous and excited to share that TF and I are moving to Santa Monica in June. Any positive thoughts, recommendations, prayers would be greatly appreciated as we're embarking on a giant risk. I'm learning that sometimes the greatest risks have the greatest rewards. Whether we fail or succeed, we're going to learn so much about each other and ourselves.

One of my greatest risks was moving to Chicago from my small farm town in central Illinois. As a farmers daughter who grew up in a town of 4,000, the idea of moving to Chicago for school (second semester freshman year) was absolutely nauseating. It was a fairly rough transition, as I'm sure this move to Santa Monica will be, but I gained valuable knowledge I never would have learned in my small bubble of a town, I've reached career goals I never knew I could, I met some of the most amazing girlfriends a girl could have, and most importantly I met my fiance. Needless to say, although I'm terrified of this move, I'm extremely excited to find out what will come of it.

So without further adieu, here are this week's beachy fancies...

Victoria's Secret's Dress Shop sucks me in every Spring...

Have a seasonably warm weekend. ;)


Your Closet Essential.

The cardigan. Duh.

They're everywhere in stores for Spring! That's irrelevant though, I wear them year 'round yo.

Via here, and here.

Am I right or


Spring Party

How cute are these little Spring party details? I'm dying over that little green banner flag that could be tucked into a cupcake or thrown in a drink.

Adorbs. Check out this Ready Go's Etsy shop for more cutesy details!

Is it Friday yet?



Once my future SIL, who's a kick-ass baker, get's back from Finland, I may or may not see if she can pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top make these babies.

Chocolate Pretzel Cookies...ohhh yeahhh.

Sweet and salty, can it get any better?

Is it Friday yet?



I love these a lot.

They may or may not be perfect for our loft-like reception space.


Dress Up

Spring is almost here, and I'm still drooling over sporting dresses similar to this one...

Let's speed things up so it's spring already, eh?


Freck's Friday Fancies LXXXVI

Happy Friday!! What are your plans for the weekend? I'll be traveling to my hometown with TF! This is an exciting visit because it's TF and my first time home since getting engaged! I'll be spending part of Saturday with my mother and MOH searching for The Dress while TF will be hanging out with my nephew and niece and making his yummy pulled pork recipe.

Onto this week's
Fancies! I'm all about the little details. I love 'em. I consider wedding cake toppers to be in this category, and if you search Etsy, you'll find some amazing ones! Check out this week's fancies...

Have a wonderful weekend full of amazing little details! :)


Lovely State Of Mind.

How cute are these state pillows?! I've seen some peeps try to pull these off and these just might take the cake.

Illinois, for yours truly.

Virgina, for TF.

You can even customize it! Just let the seller know where to put the heart and what color. Cute, right?!

Check 'em out here.


And She's Back.

Thoughts? How are you liking the new show? I'm kind of loving it but I'm surprised at how transparent she's being. Is it me or has she already come across as more manic than normal (even though there have only been two episodes)?

Regardless, I still love her.



Apparently I'm really into one word titles lately?

It was a lovely weekend! We bubbly'ed, we shopped, we watched old high school tapes, we gossiped and laughed. It was a blast, but now back to the grind we go. To make your Monday less icky, enjoy this super easy and yummy looking cinnamon bread recipe.

FOUR ingredients!? That's it!




That's what I enjoyed downtown last night with a group of my very best girlfriends - one, my MOH, came all the way from home and four from Chicago; such a rare occasion and special night!!

We went to a champagne bar that was trendy yet pricey, not sure if we'll go back but it was so nice catching up with everyone!

Today we'll be enjoying North Michigan Avenue and Oak Street. We may or may not make a little trip to Sprinkles or do a little browsing for The Dress! Hopefully not in that order though ;)

Have a wonderful and bubbly weekend!!



Spring fever that is. I have it bad.

How about some sunshine, or maybe some less bone-chilling air?

Either way, this is what I'm dreaming of...

Jenna's picks.

Happy Wednesday!