This or That?

I never ever go out for New Years. Last year, TBF and I stayed in, did a couple of fun traditions and watched the ball drop with champagne in hand. And it was awesome.

This year, we're going to Baltimore to go out with some of TBF's good friends (love them), and I'm a little concerned about my outfit. I have two options...


I didn't realize this was a dress, I thought it was an adorable tunic that I could wear with black skinny jeans and heels.

Here's the back..

or That...

I could go with more of a sassy look with a dress even though its waysuperdupershort with a great pair of heels?

I'm leaning toward the first option, what do you think?

What are you wearing for NYE? Be safe!


Yo Can I Have Yo Numba?

A coworker sent this to me today and I'm still laughing about it.

Yo the back of yo head is ridikolus.

Which then reminded me of this...

Enjoy your New Years everyone!


Stay Classy 2010

What a year it's been! We did so much!

We went on some great trips...

I'm a super duper proud Aunt (for the third time)!

Finished Insanity (and yes it was insane).

Attended some fantastic weddings.

Attended a great concert!

Went to a couple sporting events...


Da Bears

I got a new job where I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride daily (the majority of the time, that is).

Went to Disney World with my favorites.

I lived in a great city for the 5th year. I may be in an entirely new part of the country a new state next year...deets to come.

Finally, I'll have celebrated my 2nd blogiversary on December 31st!

Welp, it's been real 2010. Here's to safe, healthy and fun 2011!


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

TBF, his little sister and I enjoyed some of these yesterday right after some Holiday shopping and a celebrity siting - Vince Vaughn (!!) - here.


Have a holly jolly Holiday everyone :)


Code Word Is Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

What movie is that from?? :)

Santa came to town a little early, TBF and I already exchanged Christmas presents since family is coming in to the city.

What'd he get me? Well, I thought you'd never ask!

Freck's got a brand new Longchamp bag.

I was dying over this when we went to San Francisco, and he remembered! I think I almost started crying when I opened it. Almost.

I got him...

...a monogrammed flask and a fryer :)

He's REALLY been into gin and cooking lately, so he was thrilled with both.

Hooray for Christmas! What's on your list this year?


I Thought Eric Gave You The Creeps...

I kind of love this commercial...

It's almost taco Christmas party time!

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer...

...had a red M&M for a nose!

Found via Buscut, look at these yummy peanut butter Reindeer cookies!!

I will definitely attempt to bake these when I'm home for Christmas :) I'm dying, they're so cute!

Thanks for sharing Buscut!


Chicago Blogger Meetup + Christmas Fun

What a weekend! I wanted to quickly share that I attended a fun blogger meet-up event filled with cupcakes, wine and manicures hosted by the super sweet Lisa from Fantabulously Frugal and American Express. I met some amazing bloggers and was (finally!) able to meet the fashionable and sweet Tabitha, the adorable and bubbly Jess LC, as well as some new friends (Hi Kelly and Shaina!). I'm still so thrilled that I was asked to attend. Thank you again Lisa! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again (hopefully) soon! I'll definitely link to pics as soon as they're posted on the other gal's blogs. You know how I am, darn anonymity ;)

Onto the Christmas fun! Snowed in? Ran out of cute labels or tags? You've come to the right place! Look at all these!

Aww, cute right?! And there's more where that came from! Check out all of them here.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Freck's Friday Fancies LXIX

Hooray for Friday! We did it!

It's been extremely cold here in Chicago, and what's a gal got to do to keep warm!? Cover her head with an adorable hat of course!

Here are this week's Fancies :)

Jewelbox Snood

I die over cloches

the undone cloche

I'm always a fan of a classic!

stick a feather in his cap...

love the movie Newsies, so love this newsboy cap :)

Have a wonderful and warm weekend!


Little Luxuries and Happiness

Let's chat today. I know, I normally just post what I'm digging lately, but I thought I'd take a moment today and share something a little more thought provoking...

Lately, I've been working
a ton, and I'm learning it's okay awesome, to treat myself with little luxuries and take in those special moments nice and slow because well, it's the little things that make us happy in the end.

Have you read January's issue of Real Simple yet? There's an article about measuring happiness, and it's
fantastic. I personally love the last bit regarding the psychology of happiness (with the most adorable puppy picture ever on the opposite page) because the author, Meg Wolitzer, explains how she prefers the little things to keep her happy, as opposed to the big things (i.e. massive salary, trips to Africa, that Chanel clutch, you see where I'm going). Whether it be making her bed daily (a small accomplishment, but a luxurious accomplishment, nonetheless) or sitting down with her husband uninterrupted after a stressful day with a glass of wine, this is what makes her happy.

So where was I going with this? Well, I agree wholeheartedly with Meg, and I thought I'd share my little luxuries that have given me a little spark of happiness on those gloomy days over the past few stressful months.

that awesome smelling candle on my console

a good cup of coffee

a charming, single strand of Christmas lights

a yummy glass of wine

fresh flowers

nice shampoo

and lastly, a good magazine.

What are your little luxuries that make you happy?

Happy Thursday! We're almost done with the week (and this makes me happy)!