Where did the weekend go??

How was everyone's weekend? Good?!

I did some shopping with TBF in the burbs yesterday and went to one of my favorite stores, Martin + Osa, and I got this top...

I tend to stick with tops that highlight the waist but I thought this one was different and cute, M + O, $49.50

These summer scarves...

Too good of a deal to pass up, Forever 21, $5.50

...and a couple other fun summer accessories, it was a pretty successful trip. TBF got a shirt from AA.

It was beautiful in Chicago today so TBF and I went for a walk, supported a local, new eatery, then I went to the gym and got a good run in, and now I'm watching the tube with one of TR's. After such a long week last week, it was nice having a slow weekend.

Oh, and I also finally ordered the Ann Taylor dress I was fancying! Woop woop!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend : ) 


The Dreaded Question

I'm in need of one or two dresses for weddings this summer. I've looked at J.Crew about 100 times, I'm tired of browsing Nordies, my two usual go-to's. Any suggestions? I could wear an old one, but I feel like I've worn those so many times!

I'm super pumped to attend these weddings...not so pumped to be asked the dreaded question:

"What are you doing now that you've graduated??"

Insert cheesy, huge smile here.

I know people genuinely care and want to know, but at the same time it's hard to tell/justify that I don't have a job set up yet. You'd think it'd get easier after being asked so many times. The robot response of " times are rough.." still sucks no matter how many times you say it.

Moving ever onward..
Cubs game tonight with a big group of people in the bleachers! Should be lots of fun :) Not super excited that we're playing the Dodgers though...no offense my LA freckles.

Get ready for FFF (Freck's Friday Fancies) II tomorrow!!!


Freck's Friday Fancies II

I don't have a closet at my next apartment, so I'm trying to find the perfect remedy...

I love this curtain system

It could hide this free standing clothes rack??

..or this one?

I could also hang this over the door and use it as a rod. 

Onto other non-furniture fancies...

Potential dress? Ann Taylor, $169

Handmade rose studs, Etsy, $6.25



Yawwwwn + Summer To-Do

This weekend flew!!! TBF and I went to the Cubs game last night and I am TIRED at work today. Cubs totally lost to the Pirates, but we met some really nice old men from Pittsburgh. We're going to another Cubs game on Thursday with a big group (including one of TR's!), should be a lot of fun!

T-1 week until I'm officially unemployed. I'm trying to make a list of activities I can do to keep me busy while I'm job hunting:

1. Volunteer...I was thinking somewhere at pet store or PAWS. I love dogs and I'd like to give back somehow.

2. Craiglist fixer-upper...follow me here. So, I really like doing crafty wafty, handy dandy stuff. I'm thinking about buying a desk off craiglist and sanding it down, repainting it and getting cute knobs from Anthropologie. There's something about having an item in your room that you've worked so hard on and looks pretty because you did it.

3. Obviously continue the job hunt...

4. Probably go to some more Cubs games

5. Babysit my adorable niece (she's not really my niece but it's easier to say that when she's my cousins daughter) and spend some more time with the zins' (yeah, that's supposed to be cousins)

6. Donate some old clothes to goodwill. I have this problem called "When I buy something new, I forget about my old clothes"...does anyone else have it? ;) My closet is also a cave because the door to my closet only exposes about 1/4 of my clothes. In order for me to get to the rest of my clothes, I have to literally crawl into my closet..not ideal.

7. Work out a lot...psh..in theory..

Dream tummy

8. Dress shopping for weddings this summer

9. Do something creative with all my pictures

10. Paint ..a lot

11. Take a few trips to the Papa Freck's boat

...with lots of SPF on!

More "to-do's" to come!


Freck's Friday Fancies...

I'm starting a new post idea...

every Friday I will share what I'm "fancying"...aka what I'm adoring right now. I may put a link on the side to the prior weeks fancy, or maybe even keep the frequent fancy's on the side...we'll see where this goes. So here is the first of Freck's Friday Fancies:

Want to DIY a headboard?

Is your apartment teeny tiny? Check out how
these people conquered their teeny apartments...

And last but not least, my new signature...


Idol Love

Enough already! I knoooow ADAM LAMBERT is a better singer, but darnit Kris Allen is WAYYYY more likable.

YES TBF, I knoooooww Kris is kind of a Jason Mraz wannabe...but he's fantastic, and adorable.

and I'm super happy he won :)



Memorial Day Weekend

Where I'll be this weekend with TBF and the fam back at home...

I'm pumped.

T-Pain is invited. I may sport my pashmena afghan.


Inspiration II

YES! It’s finally posted!

Back in March, I marveled over
this article. Finally, the woman has posted Principles of Change: The Second of Nine and she didn’t disappoint.

Here are a few quotes from the article:
Life is on your side
Here's where it gets interesting: Most people think life is against them, trying to piss them off, that they are unlucky, that things don't work out for them. Einstein said that "the most important decision we will ever make in our lives is whether we believe we live in a friendly or an unfriendly universe." If you want to get good at change, you must believe life is your partner, on your side, conspiring for greater good coming into your life -- despite the apparent immediate loss it might appear to be. Change isn't there to hurt, anger or annoy you. It's there to bring new things, people, jobs, opportunities. Always.”

“In the middle of change, become comfortable with the temporary in-between period. Rushing to fill the void with the first job, relationship or deal that shows up doesn't yield success.”

“There is no rush, despite how you feel. Those who can delay instant solutions and gratification are always rewarded.”



Wine, Pink, S&TC and blog update

I'm sitting in my apartment with wine, candles lit and Sex and The City on the tube...(before I forget..have any other blondes out there considered dying their hair dark brown like Carrie does in the movie?? She looks fantastic...and I thought it would be a great idea for about 5 minutes...then I remembered what a girl who cut my hair once said, "your personality is parallel to a blondes, not a brunette's.." Thaaaaanks..)

Why am I sitting at home alone on a Saturday night? TBF is at a political event and TR's are out and about so I'm home alone this evening...feels pretty good after a week at work and being busy in general. 

I was pretty productive this evening. I finally sorted the memories box that TBF got me for my birthday and I finally completed the four canvases that I got A LONG time ago with different colored flowers. Feels good :)

Oh, I have had this song stuck in my head..

Pink's Funhouse

How awesome is her body? It's kind of insane.
I saw in the RedEye the other day that she and the Ting Ting's are playing near Chicago soonish, and I was wondering how many closet Pink fans like me would be there. 

So, I've been searching for some inspiration lately with what I'm going to do with my life post-grad...the only inspiration I have found (and now love) is this quote by Louis L'Amour:

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning."

*ALSO! I've been meaning to spruce up my blog a little. Should I change the background color? The title background? Add some more pics on the sides?? What is your favorite blog design??*

That's all! Have a great weekend!


Umbrella Etiquette

My fellow dear Chicagoans,

I realize we all really want to get to work on time or early enough to get our morning brew, but in the event that it’s pouring friggen cats and dogs out (like today), could you please improve your umbrella etiquette and be more conscious of your umbrella and who you may strike with it?

Much love,


It finally happened...

So it finally happened….I was told when my last day will be.

Before I came into work today, I was aware that I would keep my part-time position until I found a full-time position elsewhere because the company is experiencing a hiring freeze.

My last day is June 2, three weeks from today and the one year anniversary of when I started.

I knew it was coming…but it still really sucks. I’m really going to miss the people I’ve worked with over the past year. I always told myself how blessed I was to be looking for a job while I have one and now I can no longer say that. However, I am walking away with a great network of friends and what feels like 10 years of marketing experience. I’m very blessed to have interned where I did.

I can now say that a little time off could really rejuvenate me and make my job search my full time job. Fortunately, it is summer-time and I can soak up the sun on Papa Freck’s boat while I’m not looking for a job.

My parents may not love the fact that I’m not bringing in some disposable income, but I think they understand that it’s a difficult time and I’m not sitting around doing nothing. Last weekend at graduation, they told me they were so proud of me and it brought tears to my eyes to hear. It felt so good.

So now what? Did anyone have any fun jobs before they obtained their full-time position post graduation? Craigslist and other job search engines have become my new best friend. I called my parents last night and told them about some Kaplan courses I can take to prepare me for the GMAT, but my mom advised that I take some time off and wait until I can completely focus on it. Good advice mom : )

CUBS GAME TONIGHT WITH TBF!! It’s been one of those days…I have a feeling it’s going to be what one of TR’s calls “one of those nights” : )


It's a Special Day :)

Happy birthday to my hilarious, adorable, sweet, handsome, genuine, boyfriend. 

I made him this cake, it may not look pretty but he loved it and it was delicious :)  

I told him I got us tickets to Disney On Ice (HA). He reacted wonderfully..."ohhh!! GREAT HONEY!!!!"... Then I gave him one of those spongy Cub's claws you put on your hand with Cubs tickets in it. He laughed so hard and was really surprised and so excited to go on Tuesday! 

Surprisingly he wasn't concerned with the Disney On Ice tickets anymore... 

I graduated today.

Mama Freck made these center pieces (minus the tiara which I wore for awhile), so sweet and pretty.

A new chapter is beginning. 

It's a special day :)

This special day has also been a long one, so it's time for bed. Good night!! 


Tagged + Free Time

This past week has been pretty much full of just finding things to keep me busy. Finals ended last week and graduation is this Saturday, so this entire week was free to do whatever I pleased...which sounds awesome, right? Well..yeah..it is, but at the same time I'm kind of bored ...I haven't been as productive as I was when school was rockin' and rollin. It's so much more fun to get on Facebook when it's used more as a break... 

Tomorrow the graduation festivities begin. Freck's rent's and brother Frecks come into the city tomorrow where we'll be dining at a restaurant where my father ALWAYS has to go EVERY time he comes to Chicago.

I know...you're saying  "Freck, enjoy your steak and don't complain", but I've eaten there probably 50 times. No joke. Daddy Freck is uncomfortable with trying new things...that's okay. I love him no less. 

Graduation is at 10 am on Saturday (eeeeek!!!?!?!!!!) then we're going to our favorite place in Wrigleyville to have lunch with TR's families and mine. Should be really fun and interesting to see them all interact...

...so onto more fun things :) 

Isn't this dress pretty? I got it from Nordstrom awhile ago and it did not fit me well at all, but I still really really adore it. I'm attached and I never even wore it out...

Dress for Graduation:

I've worn this dress a couple times already but I don't really care because I love it. I even emailed someone at J.Crew and requested the same silk sash but in black to mix it up a bit. They were extremely helpful but in the end it wouldn't have worked out unless I paid them some cash moolah and provided fabric...sounds more difficult than it needs to be...I was just thinking they could take the sash off the black dress and I could buy that. No, not possible. My search for a black silk sash is on. 

Sorry this post is kind of a long one...

I've also been tagged to play a little game!

Katie at A Thrifty Girls Guide To The Kitchen tagged me in the list for today with these rules:

1. Mention the person who nominated you (above).
2. List six
unimportant things that make you happy
3. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

So here it goes!

(1) my DD hazelnut coffee 
(2) traveling (well, not the actual time that I travel, but when I'm at my destination)
(3) putting on a new dress (I do love dresses, it's just something about them that makes you feel so girly and confident)
(4) when the L is pulling up right as I get onto the platform (hey, don't hate...this is a huge deal if it's cold or you're running late...I once referred to it as a
Booyah Moment)
(5) painting (I haven't done it as much as I'd like lately, but it's so relaxing)
I can't believe I'm putting this but exercise (it's a HUGE stress reliever, as I've learned very well lately. You think the thought of going is the most ridiculous thing in the world, but the way you feel after is absolutely worth it.)

I'm tagging:

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!


Sorry, I have been MIA

Last final? Check.

Graduation in T-5 days

TBF's birthday is in T-5 days

Yep, they're on the same day. Pretty awesome. If you knew TBF, you'd know that my graduation is basically a huge present for his birthday, haha. He's getting a pretty sweet present; I won't share it on here until after his birthday though, he's probably my biggest fan on here...I don't want to risk it :)

He was super awesome after my last final on Saturday. He met me at the L and I literally danced all the way home because I was so happy I was done with studying and exams we walked home together. When I walked in my room flowers and a delicious bottle of Shiraz were laying on my bed. I feel I must note that TBF doesn't buy flowers. 


He bought me flowers :)

After I ran around like a giddy child because I never thought the day that TBF would buy me flowers would come, He then cooked me a delicious lunch with scallops and shrimp on a delicious salad. I was a very happy gal. 

That night, TR's and I went on a senior bar crawl with 175 other seniors...my first and last bar crawl. It was a blast, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing it again any time soon. 

Anyyywaaay, I'm ready for some serious boating this summer. Daddy Freck is putting the boat in the water today which makes me sooo happy and excited!! 

I've been looking at J.Crew's suits on sale lately for boating...thoughts?

Looking forward to boating season :) Now if only I had a friend who had a boat up here on Lake Michigan...

Have a lovely week!!