Do Yourself A Favor (Ok, & Me Too..)

and watch this. That's right, take your ear bud plug out of your ipod and put it into your computer jack.

You won't be disappointed. In fact, I promise you'll smile at least a little bit.

I'm not even kidding, DO IT. This is Andrew Garcia singing "Forever" by Chris Brown and it is SOO good.

Yes, I knoooow, it's a Chris Brown song, but it's still good!!

Let me know how it goes ;)

Oh, and while you're at it. Check out this super talented dude, Dave Choi sing "Fireflies."

Happy Hump day!


Rue La La You've Proven Yourself Worthy

This bad boy showed up (FINALLY!) and I love it!!

So I couldn't find the exact photo of the dress because it's sold out, but the top image shows a similar shape except the bottom has pleats, and the top of the dress is shown in the second image.

Make sense? Whatevs. Perfect for Easter or a wedding in May that I just happen to be going to :)

Happy Tuesday!


Weekend Recap + Freck Runs On Dunkin'

This weekend was great. With TBF's help, I bought a new mattress and although we dropped a pretty penny, it has been SO worth it.

He helped out because my birthday is coming up, I'm so thankful. Anyway, the mattress has made a MASSIVE difference. I woke up so refreshed and NOT achy, like normal. Awesome!

We watched a lot of HGTV this weekend, which is odd because usually Food Network is on 24/7. House Hunters might be one of my new favorite shows. Have you watched it? So fun!

Lastly, my addiction to Dunkin' has gone to an
entirely whole new level. New Dunkin' TURBO?! I don't even know what to do with myself!

Yes, I most definitely run on Dunkin', and you can too! Go get your free sample!

No, this wasn't paid for, I just love Dunkin' that much.

Happy Monday!



Freck's Friday Fancies XXXXI

Remember this post?

Flight is booked.

Hotel is booked.

Working on park hopper passes.

That's right, I'm going to Disney.

I'm going with some close girlfriends and I couldn't be more excited. It's been a helluva week and the only thing that got me through it (without taking a sick day because of this dag on cold) is this trip. I mean really, what could be better?

Everything is freakily clean.
They're all usually smiling. (sorry, this came up when i searched for an image, hahaha!!)
There are fun amusement rides.
Oh yeah, and it's WARM.
Maybe I'll get a picture with my favorite princess? Really I'd be happy with any of them though because hellooooo they're all fabulous!

Those were my fancies today. Yep, Disney.



Ha, I love the title + subject combination of this post.

Fancies will come later today!

So this weekend TBF and I will be mattress shopping. Do any of you have any favorite brands? The mattress I have now is over 10 years old (awful, I know!!) and I sincerely think my sleep is being affected by how uncomfortable it is. It's terrible.

As a present to myself (yep, my birthday is kiiind of right around the corner April 18), I'd like to invest in a nice mattress.

But not too nice! I'm on a budget, ya know.
The simple idea of having a comfortable mattress to sleep on makes me so giddy!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


Lands End Shoes??

So ever since I gave TBF a monogrammed robe for Christmas from Lands End, I've been receiving their catalog.

I must say, their shoes look SOO comfy and reasonably priced! Especially these...

Classic Ballet Shoe, $39.50

Buckle Moccasin, $89.50

Um, hello comfy looking heels, $79.50


Happy Thursday!!


My No Good, Very Bad Day Did A 180 When...

I came home to...

Labs - Lightweights Littermates by Sharon Montrose
To feed my love and desire to have a puppy (but not be able to get one :( )
Let me just say, ooosheee booooooooo! Looking at the cuties makes me smile!

She & Him Volume Two
(yes, the band with Zooey Deschanel!)
He introduced me to this talented group when we first got together around two years ago. Sweet Darlin' is one of our favorite songs!

a chicken taco dinner

and my favorite, a red velvet cupcake

All courtesy of TBF. I'm a lucky gal.

*Please send some good vibes his way, he has a call back audition today!!*

Happy I can't believe it's effing only Hump Day!!


Dancing With The Stars Recap I

Who watched DWTS last night?! I love this show. If you followed me during last season, you know my favorite was Kelly Obsourne.

So, I hate Jakethe Bachelor, but I love his partner, Chelsie Hightower!

and how cute was Buzz Aldrin?!

I haven't picked a favorite yet, but I have a feeling Evan Lycecek and Nicole Scherzinger are going to go a long way!

Happy Tuesday!


Weekend Recap + Baby Shower (Finally!)

Another weekend has come and gone and this one was extra special because it was (finally) the weekend of my sister-in-law's baby shower, which I've been talking about for quite some time.

I took Friday off of work and headed down to central Illinois and ended up being so distracted with catching up with my parents that I totally forgot about my usual
Fancies, woops! I hadn't been home since Christmas, so we had plenty to talk about over drinks and din din.

Onto the shower details! Saturday was chock full of baby shower goodness. I'm happy to report that it was a blast! The
flowers and cupcakes were delicious and everyone seemed to have a nice time, especially my sister-in-law, who the shower was for.

Here's a picture of my little setup.

Click on the picture to enlarge!
I don't know why, but this is the only picture I ended up taking! Another dessert was added later so the table didn't look as bare, but I liked how the flowers and cupcakes turned out.

TBF's gift to my brother was a hit, too. He loved it!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Emma, my niece, but I did get to spend plenty of time with Wrigs.

So it's back to work and I'm already looking forward to Friday for some major R & R time.

Happy Monday!


Home Sweet Home

I didn't get around to doing my Fancies yesterday, woops! Time got away from me when we got to my parents house and started catching up. It's really nice to be back at home for a couple days. It's a nice escape from the city.

Anyway, the baby shower is today (finally!), thanks so much for your help and advice!

Have a great weekend!


What Freck Wants More Than Anything (Well, Right Now Atleast..)

What I want.

More than anything in the world??

Ever, ever??

Is a puppy. a dog. I want one so badly, but I can't get one because I live in a teeny tiny studio, I have a 9 to 5, and I don't have quite enough disposable income yet to responsibly take care of the little pup like I'd should.

Fortunately, this weekend when I go home to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower, I get to see my puppy. Who's not really a puppy, but a 100 lb lab retriever.

Meet Wrigley.

The cutest most cuddly pup in the whole world and a massive mama's boy (to mama Freck).

You know those people who think their dog is the best dog in the entire world and would crush every other dog in a world's most awesome dog contest?
Yep, that's me
. And all those other people who are like me would lose to Wrigs :)

Side note, doesn't Mama Freck do a nice job with her flowers on the deck?

Wrigley is named proudly after Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play. My dad (and I) love the Cubs. My mom and older brother love the Cardinals and Busch doesn't roll off the tongue as easily, nor is it as classy as Wrigley. ;)

I also get to see this little booger, Emma, my niece, this weekend. Can't wait!

And here they are together!

She loves Wrigley. She wanted to let him in but didn't quite know how.

See you soon Wrigs :)

Happy Thursday!


Go Green

I happen to be 1/4 Irish, so I dig this day.

Oh, and I also happen to love green!!

So let's sport some green today indoors and out, shall we?

Like this coat rack from CB2

or these glass hurricane's from West Elm

this necklace from Etsy

this bag from Anthro

and because not only did this make me unproductive yesterday, but also, I got an email that said all the dresses are 20% off...

Have a very GREEN Wednesday!!