All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing...

This past weekend was just perfect. TBF and I went to dinner and a comedy show with some friends on Friday, went to the mall (M+O!) and Ikea on Saturday where I was very successful and purchased a rug and some cute curtains, and then watched some movies that evening. Sunday was spent being lazy and then watched Garden State last night. What a good movie!

This week is going to be busy busy busy for me. Tomorrow I have to give a presentation to some top diggity-dawgs at work and then I leave for home on Thursday morning until Sunday. I'm so excited.

For now, I leave you with one of my favorite artists right now. Her music is so relaxing, just what I need for this upcoming busy week. Enjoy!

Happy Monday!


Freck's Friday Fancies XIII

TGIF everyone! Who's ready for a chilly, fall filled weekend? It's supposed to be chilly but sunny here in Chicago. Fall is on it's way!

Here are this Friday's Fancies...

Can we talk about Gap's new jeans for a moment? I'm really digging my dark wash boot cut jeans. I used to hate Gap jeans because they would give me mom-ass, but now something is different and they fit better and are more flattering! Don't be scared, check 'em out.

**Here's the thing though, I don't consider myself a "curvy" gal...but these fit great!**

TBF and I are going to Ikea and Martin + Osa this weekend. On the list is a rug and some fall clothes and I'm SO EXCITED. I'm having a serious itch, not sure if it's the weather or the fact that I've been watching my spending so darn closely, but my itch is so serious that I am not allowing myself to walk into a J. Crew because I know I'd spend too much money. I think I'll ease in with an overwhelming store, like Ikea :)

So, opinion needed. Does anyone have an Ikea rug? Do you suggest a certain type over another? I have hardwood floors, a creme loveseat sofa and round chair, a black tv stand and pretty much every color you can think of on the walls because of my random paintings. So my color scheme is pretty much a free for all.

Ikea, $49.99
Ikea, $39.99
Ikea, $129.99

Unfortuantely I'm not obsessed with any of those..

M + O, $99.50

Never thought I'd get booties but I love these.



Rain, Lucky Mag & Fall Trends

It's raining again in the windy city.

Not cute.

Do any of you have any cute ways of traveling to work in the morning when its disgustingly rainy outside? I swear, there really is no cute way. I have my rain boots, but I no longer think they're cute, on me at least. We're in that awkward period where no one knows whether it's cool or not to wear fall clothes or summer clothes. After Labor Day weekend is it safe to say I can whip out my fall attire? Pretty please? The random Chicago weather will probably be the ultimate deciding factor.

Maybe I'm getting the major itch for fall clothes because I read Lucky's September issue last night and fell in love with 3/4 of the clothes in it. Has anyone read it yet? I'm usually not a fan because A. it's a pricey mag, and B. it's full of ads and expensive clothes I'd never purchase. However it was a great piece of closet revamp/shopping inspiration.

Big trends this fall...

  • -multi-use scarves (scarf, blanket)
  • -ruffles (on everything)
  • -deep purples
  • -big belts to cinch the waist
  • -platform booties -pencil skirts
  • -over-the-knee boots (doubt my athletic legs will partake in that one)

...I'm sure I'm missing some.. help!

Happy Thursday!


Miscellenious Stuff.

  • It’s raining today which not only puts a slight damper on the day, but it also throws a big bone in the hair and clothing choices. Also, my department is supposed to go to Portillo’s for lunch today which is like a mile away…uh...delivery please!?
  • TBF and I are going to my hometown over Labor Day weekend which is right around the corner. I’m excited to do some boating and relaxing with the fam.
  • I didn’t work out this morning which bothers me.
  • I put some hooks in my closet on either side of my mirror on my dresser to hang my long necklaces on which not only encourage me to wear them more because I see them constantly, but they also make lovely decorations.
  • I’m starting to miss having the internet at my apartment, but I’m proud of myself for simplifying my life at my home base. I really think not having the internet in my face before I go to bed helps me wind down. I also think it allows TBF and I to spend quality time with each other when he’s over. Not that we never did, but when I had the internet at my old apartment, either his face or mine was glued to The Superficial, Facebook or our blogs. Now, we can enjoy dinner and time together without the internet taunting us. Ahhh…
  • I’m so glad it’s Hump Day!
  • Oh, I almost forgot, Lady Gaga and I were best friends last night in my dream. I asked her why she was nuts, she told me it was because she partied so much that she was just hungover all the time. She didn't wear pants in my dream, for any other person I think that would be abnormal. However, for those that know her, like obviously me since we're dream BFF's, you know she never wears pants. Then I tried to introduce her to my parents, but they were just confused by her appearance in general. Strange..
That's all..


Ode to Fall Part I

I love Fall. It's not too hot, it's not too cold AND it's right around the corner! I've caught the bug, now I'm passing it on to you with some cute new fall items that are just waiting to be snatched up!

Where do I start? Where do I always start? Oh yeah, probably J. Crew.

Hello cute tuxedo shirt, $89

Yes please. $78

I'm digging the ruffles this year..$118

and last but not least...

Shoes :)

Happy Tuesday!


Freck's Friday Fancies XII

It's Friday, yayyy!! I'm feeling a bit fuzzy at work today because drinks a-many were had last night at a comedy show. Apparently if you step up the workouts, you can't drink like normal because it will slap you in the face like you wouldn't believe.

I had a blast though, and this guy was super funny (and his comedy is one of my first fancies today)! I'd met him before, and TBF and him are acquaintances.

Apparently I thought he was my best friend after the show..no comment. TBF got a kick out of it.


I love this room.

Green, green green!

This hilarious iphone dock.

The sorry excuse for a can-light isn't providing much light in my kitchen, but I don't know how to install a cool looking lamp like this one...

Any tips? Is it even possible?

I know, I know, enough with the David Yurman...but I really fancy this!

I'm actually wearing an old, oversize watch that I found thank you box that I forgot about when I moved... It's 3 hours off, that's how long it's been since I wore it last.

I really really want to see this

Inglourious Basterds
Does the spelling on those two words bother anyone else?

...and last but not least, my new email (found on the right)! This way, if you have any questions, comments, or want to say hi, go for it! Be nice though!




I refuse to buy cable (or internet) at home, so I have about 20 basic channels including some awesome infomercials. One infomercial I keep seeing is the Wen one, you know which one I’m talking about ladies.

The 2 in 1 shampoo that makes your hair uber celebrity fancy in a matter of days…

OKAY, I want shiny, blonde hair, too!!

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve almost picked up the phone and ordered it, but something always stopped me. Is it the fact that the salesman has prettier hair than I do?

Ok, so his hair is prettier in the commercial.

Is it the fact that this product reminds me of the days that I’d slather on John Frieda and my hair would be weighed down (but still soft, mind you)?

…is it the fact that it’s a fuggin infomercial and the only time I’ve ever ordered anything from an infomercial is when I was 6 and ordered the chipmunks album over the phone with my parents credit card (true story)?

Does she use Wen?

So, has anyone tried it? I still can’t get it out of my mind. What if I’m missing out on this incredibly amazing beauty product? Freck wants some umph in her hair and WEN may be IT.




I’ve seen some pretty darn good movies lately that I think you should see, too.

The first one is I Love You, Man with Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Has anyone else jumped on the I want to be Mrs. Rudd bandwagon? I think I may be the driver. Love him. This movie is hilarious, go see it, now.

Gigantic is another movie you should go see. Remember the silent kid from Little Miss Sunshine? He’s grown up a bit and co-stars with ZOEY DESCHANEL. She’s wonderful again, but yet again she plays the same quirky character. Love her, but I wish she’d mix it up a bit! Anyway, this movie is basically quirky and interesting and leaves you wondering what the message is at the end, but I think they do that on purpose so you go look it up after...

This is kind of a random one, Push. When Dakota Fanning is introduced at the beginning of the movie, I wanted to immediately turn the movie off because A. she looks like a crazy with her combat boots and multi-colored hair, and B. she was always annoying in her other movies. HOWEVER, she was surprisingly awesome and I was impressed with her acting. The rest of the movie is kind of difficult to explain, so you should just watch it. Ha. : )

Anyone seen District 9 yet?

Happy Hump day!!!


Weekend Recap + Workout Fancies

This weekend was perfect!! TBF and I headed south on Friday after work to go visit Mama and Papa Freck and the fam. We did some serious boating and relaxing all weekend and I made a lovely new friend that my sister in law brought along. It was a full boat and we did some swimming, read some mags, enjoyed some beverages, ate some delicious food all while FINALLY wearing my new VS suit. Heaven. I noticed I was more comfortable just lounging in my suit and towel than I used to be, joining the gym was one of the best ideas ever.

Speaking of the gym, TBF will be doing a trial run for the next couple of weeks which is very exciting. I’m pretty sure he’s going to love it. I decided I should treat myself to some fun, cute and functional workout clothes since I’ve been so good…thoughts?

Lulu, $52

Lucy, $48

Running skort-so cute! Lucy, $58

Hmm..Do any of you wear cute clothes when you work out? I never really have, it's mainly lounge clothes (that still look nice) but not brand name items. I heard Lulu is awesome, and I see Lucy everywhere. Anyone have a favorite?

Happy Monday!


Freck's Friday Fancies XI

TGIF!!! Happy Friday everyone! After work I will be heading south with TBF to boat with the fam on Papa Freck's boat. I'm so excited for a getaway!

Anyway, here are this Friday's fancies :)

I've been
drooling over staring at David Yurman rings for years, this one is one of my favorites. The blue topaz is just so stunning!!

David Yurman, $590

Why stop there? Let's get the matching necklace, too!

David Yurman, $590

This entire outfit..

J. Crew

My apologies, I've posted this one before..I just fancy these boots so much!

J. Crew, $325

I would really fancy a cruise right about now..

Last and absolutely not least..

Jest by MAC, $14.50

I'm a huge fan of MAC's eye shadows, especially Jest because it is the perfect base shadow for everything. Seriously, everything.

That's all for this week, have a great weekend!!


Freck's Ode To Green

As most of you know, my favorite color is green. However, I really don't have that many items that are green, so I thought I'd do some browsing...and of course share them with you :)

As soon as I typed that, I went to Anthropologie.com and the home page had "Fresh Greens" on it, coincidence? I think not.

Anthropologie, $88

Anthropologie, $48

I think this one is my favorite...TBF, take note:
Anthropologie, $48

Athropologie, $18

J. Crew, $215

J. Crew, $69.99

J. Crew, $98

Kate Spade, $169

I know...I really like green..

It's almost Friday!!