The third of nine principles is out!

“Principle 3: People who successfully navigate change know they are resilient, strong and capable of getting through anything. Period.”

The last time I read her article, the second of nine principles, I was going through a stressful change with my job situation. Although I’m in a very happy place right now with my new job, I’m going to continue to read her articles because I truly find them inspiring and valuable. I hope those of you who are going through a rough change are finding these articles valuable, too!

Here’s are two snippets:

“Remember, if you're in a bad situation, don't worry, it will change. And if you're in a good situation, don't worry, it will also change.”

“Remember, the very best of who you are comes out during times of change and transition, not during times of stability.”

Read the entire article here



Feel the burn.

Freck is slappin on a little SPF.

I've recently stumbled onto a less than kind freckle. If you don't like my blog. Don't read it. It is that simple. Don't try to judge me or think you know anything about me. You don't. Thanks


Speaking of SPF, I went on the architectural tour on the Chicago river this weekend and I am now a lobster. We were running late so I threw on a strapless dress sans SPF and happily strolled onto the boat. I started feeling a little hot but at that time I didn't really think about it. Well, after the margs at our late lunch wore off, I was not a happy camper. I spent the rest of the evening feeling pretty nauseous...awesome...

I did get to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part 1 and 2!!! It was awesome! Did anyone else get to see?

On another note...I'm so excited for a short work week!


Freck's Friday Fancies VI

Here is your Freck's Friday Fancies VI!!

I'm obsessed with
this dress from J.Crew.

these shoes from J.Crew.

To my J.Crew shoe-wearing freckles, how comfortable are their shoes? I haven't dove in and bought any yet...

My new love...Craftzine.com! How cool are these recycled paint can lights?

Love her blog.

This cutesy headband from Anthropologie. I don't know where this is, but I definitely fancy it.

This awesome cake.

This beautiful kitchen.

in-car pizza oven.

This can definitely come in handy..hehe...get it? :)

Lastly, I'm not fancying this, but I do want to say RIP Michael Jackson.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


I Take It Back!!!

I received this email from today from Nordstrom about their new Uggs for FALL!!?!!

I take back what I said yesterday about hating the 100 degree weather!!!

As much as I LOVE Fall..

I'll sweat on the L. fine..

Come on! It's the first days of summer! I can't believe it's already the end of June! I can feel the summer sun slipping away...the mere thought of it turning freezing in Chicago again where I can't feel my face makes me love the thought of sweating on the way to work...

My apologies, Chicago...stay warm, pleeease!

Note: Have you noticed that I've found the time to blog at my new job? I really like it, by the way! It's a marketing job which is right down my alley :) Unfortunately I don't get to check all of your lovely blogs as much as I'd like, but I really try when I get a chance!!!!


The Weather Sucks..

Chicago, let’s talk.

It felt like 97 DEGREES this morning according to weather.com and I BELIEVE IT. I strategically wore a dress to work today so I wouldn’t die on the L from a heat stroke on the way to and from work. I still got super duper hot, and it still sucked. Whatevs, I’m over that.

Now, lo and behold, thunder is erupting outside my office window letting me know that my dress (that I wore strategically wore this morning to have less clothing on me,) will not be a smart piece of attire when it’s raining.

In conclusion, Chicago weather.. you suck.


TBF guest post!!

Helloooooooooo Freck’s Fancy Followers!

This is an update from TBF. No really, the amazing guy she references in her posts, who is also the luckiest guy in the world because he is dating Freck. I am updating her blog today due to technical difficulties aka one of TR’s took the wireless internet box *cough. Sorry bout that, lump in the throat. Anyway, a little brief on what my gorgeous darling has been up to:

She started her new job at a Dot Com which she is currently adjusting to, but cannot post because she has to be all incognito till like the second week. Sshh do not tell her boss she has a blog that she “occasionally” will update at work…shhh. Freck is now a business woman which means adorable outfits including today’s awesome Ralph Lauren light blue button up with a khaki skirt and white flats. Yes I remembered what she was wearing, she is unforgettable. The job has her doing important stuff with important people. No worries though once she gets settled, boom she is back in blogging action.

She is not sold on Twitter yet.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend in her hometown. ON A BOAT. And she was able to see her cute niece Emma. The little one is getting tall and thin and full of energy. I was able to get a few candid moments with the digital camera of the two of them. Maybe she will post them later…

Freck has been hitting the gym and looks stunning (she always did, but it is really helping that thing she refers to as endorphins, not sure what those are, does beer give you endorphins?)

Currently Freck is not working on any new paintings; however she just finished a larger one that is lovely. I am trying to get her to start doing one a week….so far I am not that convincing. I call the most recent one “Untitled #365 days of Freck being Amazing”

We enjoyed some lovely salmon last night

This weekend she is excited because one of my old college buddies is coming into town with his wife. We hope to hit up museums or take a boat tour maybe enjoy some bubbly, who knows? Any ideas? We have done most things in town and my buddy and his wife have been to Chicago many many times, not sure which way to go. Regardless, Freck and he get along great mainly because he is preppy and she is preppy and they talk preppy. Kind of like Zach Morris at Bayside High talk, it goes over my head, but hey I look good while nodding my head (or so I am told).

Well Freck misses you all, she was sad that she could not post last night as she had much to disclose. Do not worry she will be back sooner than later, till then rock on and thanks for stopping by.



Another Wedding Weekend

So I'm home sweet home in central Illinois this weekend for the SECOND wedding in TWO weeks. Not complaining...I ruv weddings :)

Ok I don't know who this is, I found it on Google, but I thought it was too ridiculous not to share...

Ok, I know you're tired of hearing about the damn Ann Taylor dress, but I can't resist sharing this. I made such a friggen fuss over this dress, from when it was going to be shipped, to the sash, to the shoes, and I decided I JUST CAN'T WEAR IT! Don't hate me, let me explain...

Here's why:
  • Overall, it's totally not flattering, it's a little big in the waist area
  • It was kind of pricey, and for that much moolah, I feel like I should LOVE it and feel wonderful in it...I don't..(I got it with a gift card so I'm hoping I can be easily reimbursed since the item was JUST taken off the site)
  • I'm just as sick of talking about it as you are of hearing about it...
TBF and I have spent the morning in mama and papa Freck's sun room watching The Soup and The Food Network. Did anyone see The Soup today/last night?! HILARIOUS! Omigod I love that show.

I'm off to drink some more joe and watch Down Home With The Neelys make country fried steak...

*Before I let you go, here's a little snippet of this morning's convo between TBF and I:
Freck: "Holy cow, it's June 20!?"
TBF: "I know, I don't wanna talk about it.."*

Have a lovely weekend!!


Freck's Friday Fancies V

Am I living in London or Chicago??

...It's POURING in Chicago, what is up with this weather?

Anyway, here are this week's Freck's Friday Fancies...

This is slightly embarrassing, but whatever. I don't know why, but I can't get enough of this girl. I always watched Laguna Beach, and she'll be creating more drama on The Hills next season and I'm super excited. No, I don't love drama, which is why I don't know why I like her so much..

Kristin Cavallari
ugh..don't judge..

Ned from Absolutely Beautiful Things

Isn't he precious!?

I love these shoes from Nine West! They look so spring/summery!

site is hilarious.


This pirty ottoman...

I'm learning for a large, print ottoman that can double as a coffee table and/or seating. Does anyone have any advice as to where I could look?

new fedora and all of your advice as to how to wear it! Jenn, I wore exactly what you advised! I loved it and TBF loved it, too!

Things I'm
not really fancying...

I was really excited to try on these Jessica Simpson shoes (in nude, not yellow), they were super comfortable when I was standing in one spot, but as soon as I started walking, they slipped off!! I tried on a pair a size smaller; they were super snug but they slipped off, too!

Grr..they're super cute (in nude), too!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Guess who got a fedora?!

Freck did!! 

One of TR's and I went downtown today and while looking for shoes for the Ann Taylor dress at Aldo, we stumbled across some fedoras! 

I got this one and I'm so excited to wear it!! It is listed under the men's section online, haha. I think I may sport it tonight at a showing of a short film that TBF and I are in...

Only problem is, what should I wear it with? White tee, jeans and flats? 

Oh, I'm feeling a wee bit better, still feels like I'm under water though..ick..




This little Freckle is feeling under the weather today. How is it that my allergies didn't attack me when I was downstate in Springfield (full of fields and lawns) this last weekend and now they're super pissed at me? It's been raining in Chicago and I haven't been out and about, exposing myself to pollen and nature. How is this happening?

Dern allergies...

They suck.

I'll post more tomorrow...


Freck Is Revealing Herself?!


It's supposed to rain today in Chicago so I thought this picture was appropriate.

This was taken by TBF the weekend of our one year anniversary at "The Bean" in Chicago. I did some tweaking to it using picnik.com, a really fun picture editing site! Can you guess where we are? ;)

Enjoy :)


Wedding Bliss

One wedding down, two to go.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful! The colors were pink and black, and the bride (and groom!) were stunning. TBF and I had a blast dancing the night away (yep, he's not afraid to dance in public which is awesome). I met a girl who looked like she had a "bump it" on and I asked her if she did (she didn't but she has one at home!) and we were pretty much BFF's for the rest of the night on the dance floor.

Here are their gorgeous center pieces and their "Sweet Shoppe" which was a table filled with yummy candy! It was so cute, what a great idea!

Can you tell I love weddings??


Alright ladies (and gents), I'm wearing the Ann Taylor dress next weekend yes I'm sure you're friggen tired of hearing about it, I'm kind of tired of talking about it..

but I need advice
, I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear. I tend not to wear strappy-sandalish heels, but rather, basic, simple and classic pumps. Any color ideas? Other shoe ideas? I was thinking a basic black pump (totally not summery) or a nude pump? hmmm...AND I was thinking of getting a sash to go around the waist because the dress is kind of loose in that spot..any color or fabric ideas?

Off to the grocery store, Target (I really want a straw fedora hat...thoughts?)

Urban Outfitters, no, that's not me.

..and to the hardware store to get my sander and paint for the dresser I'm going to refurbish! Has anyone refurbished a wooden piece of furniture before? Any tips? I'm really excited to get some cute Anthropologie knobs, but I digress, that's all for another post.

I'm off! Have a lovely Monday! It's beautiful today in the city!


Freck's Friday Fancies IV

I got an apartment yesterday!! It's a studio, but it is the biggest studio out of the friggen 8 that I viewed! It's in a trendy-ish location so I'm excited to start getting to know my new digs and decorate :) I think an Ikea trip is in store...don't judge, I just graduated and start my new job on June 22..

Before I get into FFF, can you believe RHofNJ's finale is TUESDAY?!?! What?! So sad...I'm really looking forward to seeing the scene with the restaurant table flip...

Without further adieu, Freck's Friday Fancies IV:
There is an Argo tea literally 15 steps away from my new studio..so on that note, one item I fancy is...

Ok, so I've never tried it, but it looks really good! Has anyone tried it or like anything else from Argo? I have a feeling I'm going to be there every other day...

In my new place, I'm going to need a lot of shelves like these...

These are precious.

My sister-in-law had these on a couple weeks ago and they are adorable! Express, $39.50

How can I mention ikea and not mention something I fancy there?? TBF has let me borrow his 42 inch Samsung HD flat screen tv, I think it would look pretty on this TV stand..$299, yeahh...maybe I'll find it on Craiglist for cheaper..

Last but not least, I very much fancy all of your tips/comments on my previous post about removing those darn scuffs from shoes!! They look good as new!!! Thank you!!!

Target + Paint + Scuffs

It's gross in Chicago today. 

Has anyone been to Target at 9 am on a Thursday? One word: babies. So many babies. Two year-olds running away from their moms...kind of hilarious and cute. 

I bought a huge canvas from Jo Ann Fabrics today. I'm not sure what I'm going to paint, but I'm excited. I have two weeks to do whatever I want and I think I'm going to do a lot of DIY creative stuff...hopefully I'll work out a lot, too.

I'm going to a wedding this weekend and I want to wear some yellow, round toe, patent leather pumps but they have some mysterious red scuffs on them. I bought some wax, leather protectant stuff but it apparently doesn't remove the scuffs. Anyone know how to remove scuffs from patent leather??

Off to look at some more apartments!


Guesss What?!


AND it's a marketing job!  I start June 22nd :)



To do today:
  • I'm going to go get that Ann Taylor dress tailored.
  • Anxiously wait for the J.Crew dress which should be here today (yayy!!)
  • Go to all four apartment viewings today (phew, I know..a lot in one day, thank goodness the sun is peaking out from those rain clouds finally!)
  • Relax because I don't have to think about offers or negotiating!!



Here's the deal...

I'm frustrated, I'm going to vent...

A dress I really love at Ann Taylor that I bought (but is too big) is completely out of stock and I can't get a smaller size, I can't get it tailored in time for a wedding this Saturday and I'm concerned my J.Crew dress that I ordered won't come in time. Booo.

I have an official job offer. Awesome.

I need to negotiate the salary a bit. Notsoawesome.

This girl needs to grab her you-know-whats and go you-know-whats to the wall. Notsofun.

On a fun and positive note. I friggen love these DD croissants. TBF has me hooked (not good since Weddings are coming up), but I kind of consider them a prize since I've been doing such a good job working out. Nom nom nom.

TBF has a show tonight!! I'm so excited...I helped him write some stuff last night, I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I know this post is pretty lame, but my job offer is kind of consuming my every thought right now.