Six Days.

We're getting there! The move went great. I highly recommend Allied. The men that came to partially pack my belongings and put everything on the moving truck were phenomenal. This was my first time having men do the lifting and packing my dishes and other valuables and I don't think I'll ever do it myself again.

This process is stressful enough already, so having their help (and kindness) was awesome. Big fan. :)

Saturday night TF and I had our going away party. The turn out was far better than we imagined, over 30 people! The love and support we have here in Chicago is absolutely going to be missed. We're so blessed and the idea of leaving these amazing people has been really difficult to deal with. But! It's an amazing opportunity and we're very excited. We'll come back to visit and thank goodness for Skype. :)

For now, we're hanging out in my studio with an aerobed and a couple suitcases. Livin' the dream.

Six days to Santa Monica! :)


Anonymous said...

Moving can be SO stressful! Glad yours went well. Those cupcakes are too cute...makes you not want to eat them. ☺

Tommy said...

Great advice here. I wish you the best!