Things Men Don't Know About Women

I had to share this.


Some notable quotes...

"If we run into your ex-girlfriend in public, the first thing you should do is put your arm around us. And if we have to introduce ourselves, you are in big trouble." - Jenna Fisher

"Everything sounds better when your mouth is next to our ear and you whisper it. Everything from 'Sorry about the smell' to 'I'm going to love you forever, m'lady." - Cheryl Hines

"When considering whether or not to ask out the girl you're afraid to talk to, keep this in mind: No matter who you are or what you look like, it's always flattering when you hit on us. Always." - Poppy Montgomery

"Men who wear sunglasses at night don't look cool, rich, or sexy. They look as if they should be holding a cane or following a dog." - Sanaa Lathan

and my favorite..

"We want dessert. We want you to order dessert. What we don't want is for you to ask us if we want dessert." - Connie Britton

That's all :)  enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Nani said...

hahahahahaha! Good post :)

emily said...

hahaha i love these!! great way to start my week! :)

Jenn said...

this is awesome - love it! i went to the page and read all of them...smart women we are! :)

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Haha I love it! Although I would like to amend #3 - when it's the dude with 3 teeth that hangs out in front of the gas station, it's just creepy.

Anonymous said...

soo true--especially the last one...I have such a bad sweet tooth!
happy new year--

krystal said...

those are so funny!

keyolapey said...

Really funny! :)