Freck's Friday Fancies LXXXXI

When I lived in Chicago, investing in a nice pair of sandals or great wedge heels didn't seem practical since the weather was always so sporadic. Seriously, it only takes one experience of being stuck out in the rain and ruining a great pair of heels for me not to invest in a nice pair. I know what you're thinking, duhr, look at the weather. Well, I promise I did, but even the meotorologist couldn't predict the weather sometimes in Chicago.

So! Now that I'm in Santa Monica where it's upper 60's, lower 70's and sunny daily, I think this is a great excuse to get that great pair of summer shoes I've always wanted! :)

Here are this week's fancies...


kind of obsessed with these - Sam Edelman Randall

these are Aerosoles.  ...I know.

ridiculous, love them. Calvin Klein Blaire


Franco Sarto always seems to catch my eye

That's all! On the to-do list this weekend is painting our new bedroom, painting some lamps and finding some killer bedside tables. What's on yours?

1-2-3 go! :) 

Have a great weekend!

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Tommy said...

Let's not rub those temperatures in, huh? :)