Yep. I gots one. I didn't even mean to have one, I just sort of fell into it. Do you know what I mean? The go-to outfit when you're not feeling up to being creative? I sure hope so. 

Here's what I'm talking about:

 I literally have this American Apparel shirt in every color. I swear this really is the most amazing v-neck. Ever.

This type of lightweight scarf always ends up around my neck. I've been sporting this trend for three years. Is it time to let it go? Shh. I can't, it spruces it  up any plain jane outfit in a snap!

These Levi's have become my staple. They don't stretch easily and if I roll them up right above my ankle they're pretty darn cute. Winning!

These TOM's, 

and these sperry's always end up on my feet. Hey, I walk to work. Don't hate.

So sure, my uniform isn't so bad. It's adorably tom-boyish...for the first couple of weeks..but now, it's a full on bad habit. Help! I need a new go-to!

Make it stop! 


Princess Freckles said...

I am prone to "uniform" dressing too. Don't worry about it! It's cool to have a signature look.

Tommy said...

I'm with Freckles. Plus, it's so darn hot right now...at least in the TN. :) Maybe not in awesome California.

Shaina said...

Okay, I adore those Tom's. And I have a uniform too - definitely skinny jeans and a v-neck t in summer with flip flops!