...Is Anybody There?

Hey! It's me! Yep, Freck! Yes, I took an unexpected hiatus for a little while, but you knew I couldn't stay away long. I've missed contributing to the blogging world! Trust me, I've still been reading all of yours.


So all has been going very well out here. Needless to say, Santa Monica, our new home, is extremely different that Chicago. I can't get over the fact that there are mountains everywhere! It's absolutely beautiful. Do you see them in the photo above? Gorge.


I'm just now getting my interior design spark back and really digging into wedding planning more. I know, it only took me four months. ;) We just got our engagement pictures back which I'm absolutely dying over. If you're in the market for a photographer, give this gal a holler!

One last thing (for now!), did you notice that my url has changed from somewhereinchicago.blogspot.com to somewhereinsantamonica.blogspot.com? So fun!

More to come. Feels good to be back!

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Sassy Engineer said...

I have missed you! I was going through my blog reader list the other day and felt sad that you had written in a while. I am so glad you are back :)