Summer's Not Over Yet!

Okay so when I said I was ready for Fall, I experienced an immediate pang of guilt because I don't want to neglect the Summer trend's I'm SO going to miss!

For example...

cute A-line skirts (I may or may not have purchased this today..).

the adorable print, day dress.

the adorable light cardi.

unlike the cargo skinny cropped pants..the white, skinny cropped pant.

Ahh, that's better. The guilt is now gone :) Plus, thankfully the last few can transition nicely into Fall...mwuahaha!

Happy Thursday, we're almost there!


Anonymous said...

Well the good thing is that you can wear white jeans all year round... at least in theory. I haven't tried it yet but I want to!

Sassy Engineer said...

Hey :) sorry I haven't emailed or anything in a while. I'm sort of ready for fall also. Maybe the 100°+ heat everyday, but I also long for jeans and boot weather! Being in TX thoug, it will be a bit longer before fall hits here (or even cooler weather). I love your summer transition pieces. I actually just ordered that exact cardigan this morning! I also think the skinny cropped cargo is weird. I probably won't be partaking in that trend either! Have a super day :)