What A Wonderful (And Successful!) Weekend...

Hello and happy Monday! This weekend was glorious. Having had such busy schedules for the past couple of weekends, TBF and I were friggen raisin' the roof more than happy to relax and do a little shopping.

We started off the weekend by staying in and doing some Insanity, then by noon on Saturday we were on our way to an outdoor mall in the burbs. Although it took us two hours - YES, holy shnikey traffic was horrible - the trip was a success filled with sales!

We checked off the list...

...awesome sale items from Lands End Canvas

$9 for an awesome Fall-color tee?! Yes please.

and another. How adorable is this model by the way?

a $14 henley I actually ended up getting for TBF because he looked so awesome in it. Maybe even better than the model..just sayin'..

new cologne for TBF (I know D&G? Really? Who knew it actually smelled nice? He has been and always will be a Prada guy in my eyes.)

this adorable nautical top from The Limited. Get this, $10 off promotion handed to me at the door, I had a $15 rewards coupon with me and because I used my Limited card, I got another 10% off!! Holy canoli, steal!

and last but not least, DELICIOUS Sprinkles cupcakes that TBF's little sister, who's a rockstar baker,ended up making for us! So good! These weren't on sale, I broke down and purchased them because it'd been so long since I'd had one, we've been doing well with Insanity, and they're so yummy!

Successful trip though? Yes? Rock on.

That evening we enjoyed a splurge, delicious dinner at
Avenue Ale House in Oak Park, which is known for having the best Sangria in Chicago. I would have to agree. Yum!

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the gorgeous, humidity-free, with a breezy sunshine in the city. Ahh, summer, maybe I'm not done with you quite yet...

Happy Monday! Insanity update tomorrow!!!

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Tommy said...

Awesome weekend for you! Great purchases as well. Who knew there was a Lands' End Canvas outpost available? :) Neat.