Santa Monica FAQ's

Hooray for moving! I received a couple of questions regarding our move to Santa Monica from Chicago and I'd love to address them!

Why are you moving there?
We're moving to Santa Monica because my job is moving me out there. This has been in the works for quite some time so to say I'm relieved to be out of limbo is an understatement. Please note we're not into the LA scene, and we have a great group of friends from the Midwest in the Santa Monica area. Hopefully we'll be plenty prepared to avoid "that" scene. In other words, I won't be near Laguna or The Hills.

What will you be doing?

The headquarters for my company is in Chicago and the satellite offices, including Santa Monicam have yet to employ anyone in my specific department. I'll be the guinea pig and (hopefully) the seed to grow my department in the Santa Monica office. Lots of pressure but I'm excited about this opportunity.

Do both of you have jobs?

I do have a job and TF is currently looking for one. In the meantime he'll be flexing his acting muscles. Why not, right? He'll be in the right place.

Are you buying a house?

I wish! It's pricey out there yo! Our visit next week is to specifically look for an apartment and for me to work out of the Santa Monica office for a couple of days. Wish us luck with finding an apartment! :)

Are you getting married out there?

This may be my favorite question. Bless your heart Up North Preppy! We're still getting married in Chicago. This is going to be an interesting planning experience, but the good news is I'm super familiar with Chicago and it's the best hub for all our guests and family who will be flying in from both coasts, the South and Ireland.

There you have it! Let me know if you have anymore questions and pretty please with a Santa Monica sunset on top keep your fingers crossed for us. Again, any thoughts and prayers would be fantastic. I feel silly asking but honestly I'm so nervous (yet excited!) that I'm thinking any bit of help would be much appreciated. :)

Stay tuned for a wedding update post soon!

God Speed.


Shaina said...

This is all so exciting!!!! I am deathly jealous ... I love California so so much, and I have some great family out in Aliso Viejo. You are going to love it! Such an exciting move!!

AEOT said...

I'm so glad you are still getting married in Chicago. You're def a midwest bride!!! I'm so glad you were willing to share more about your move. I will absolutely pray for you guys, for a safe move, for a great apt, and for resilience and strength for you both!! It'll be a wonderful experience!!!

Paddy K said...

Very excited for you and TF.

Please stop ending sentences with "yo". That is all.

Kim said...

Such exciting news about your move!! Can't wait to hear more about it - and of course, wedding updates!!