That's what I enjoyed downtown last night with a group of my very best girlfriends - one, my MOH, came all the way from home and four from Chicago; such a rare occasion and special night!!

We went to a champagne bar that was trendy yet pricey, not sure if we'll go back but it was so nice catching up with everyone!

Today we'll be enjoying North Michigan Avenue and Oak Street. We may or may not make a little trip to Sprinkles or do a little browsing for The Dress! Hopefully not in that order though ;)

Have a wonderful and bubbly weekend!!


Sassy Engineer said...

That sounds like such a fun special night. I miss my girlfriends from back home so much. I'm glad you got some good catch up time. Have a great weekend!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Love catching up with the girls. Hope you enjoy yourself!

C said...

I love a fun girls night out! we were planning a pj's party soon with my girlfriends but...the hubbies got excited so there might be a lot of people attending in the end...
Can you imagine? we are all in our 30's and I think it will be like going back to school !!