Freck's Friday Fancies LXI


Yeah, I said it.

I never thought I'd say it, but my fancies this week are jeggings. Jeggings with pockets made to look like skinny jeans.


Because I love the pairs that I got. Please note I only wear them with boots because they slip into them nicely (and stay all day) and I cover up my rear when I get the instinct to do it. Ladies, you know what I mean? You get the instinct where you're like whoa, I am not bootylicious, but with these boots on and the jeggings and just a sweater, the instinct just comes.

Here are this week's fancies...

Try 'em out with your boots and you'll likely enjoy them as well. Comfortable, sleek and easy. Boom.

Enjoy your weekend!


Trish said...

Oh my sweet Freck...I have a confession..I am scared to death of jeggings! Being all petite with a tiny bit of curve, I am just afraid that they will look ridiculous on me! Perhaps you can talk me into it. Wish we could go on a girly jeggings shopping trip. Are they really super comfy? I am all about skinny jeans but tell me, do you think I can handle these babies? :) Hugs to you dearest xoxo

Sassy Engineer said...

I'm so glad you love yours! I still have yet to try them, but I would be lying if I said I didn't think about it. Granted, I was terrified of just "skinny" jean a couple of years ago and never thought I would wear them. Now I own three pairs and LOVE them. Time will tell! Have a super weekend :)

AEOT said...

Really???? Really??!!?? Jeggings?????????????

Girlie, I might have to disagree with you here. Yes, I'm sure it's b/c I know how AWFUL these would look on me (my thighs would NOT look good, even with a tunic or long sweater), but I still don't think these would look okay on anyone outside of high school. Convince me and put them on someone outside of the Jcrew catalog (or someone larger than a size 6). I can see that they would be comfy, but still, really????

Oh, and you do know that I agree with you on 99% of your fashion choices, right?

Bridget said...

YES, hot. love em.

Jennifer said...

I have to say that I'm not really a fan, but am living in them for the rest of the year because this baby bump demands maternity pants or at least no buttons! (I can't sacrifice looking nice you know!) The ones you fancy though look more like skinny jeans with the pockets and buttons. And they fit well? What's not to fancy about them?