Freck's Friday Fancies LX

I'm so glad it's Friday folks.

Although things are slowing down, it's still been quite a week. Tomorrow's agenda involves some quality time with a girlfriend who's getting married in TWO WEEKS (eee!) where we'll be practicing her makeup for her big day, potentially having some diy fun then her bachelorette partay is that evening. Woot woot!

Time for the Fancies! I'm obsessing over these Anthropologie looks. In the spirit of Fall, I couldn't help but showcase some of their amazing looks this season.

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Love, right? My favorite is the first look. Doesn't she look adorable with her groceries? What's your fave?

Have a lovely weekend!


I'm Lindsay! said...

I must be weird, but my fave is the boots in the water! Have a good weekend!

Tommy said...

I love the green sweater/horsey combo. Enjoy!

(And I ordered two different pairs. When they come, there will be a feature. Hehe. Thanks.)