Where Are You?

I'm looking for you. I know you're out there and I know that you'll be an investment, but could you be somehow magically be on sale? How about on super sale?

Are you my new boots?

What about you?

Maybe you?

or you?

I really hope you're them!

Have you seen them? My new flat boots? Do you have any? If so, where and when did you get them?


Janneke said...

I walked straight into TJ Maxx! They have tons of them right now and amazing prices! Got 2 pair in black and brown and I looooove them! It's officially fall in my book

KatiePerk said...

Ha! I posted about this too. I am hunting some brown flat equestrians! Good luck on your quest!

Lindsay said...

I found the cutest cognac flat boots at Marshalls! They were 50 bucks (Steve Madden). Check TJ Maxx too because they have the same shoes a lot of times.

Chelsa Bea said...

#2 those are your boots. The Frye boots. If you don't get them, I think I might have to and I'm not even kidding :)

AEOT said...

Love the Frye boots. I have a wonderful pair from LL Bean that I adore. I will get the same pair again when these wear out (as long as they are still making them!)

Sassy Engineer said...

I am so in love with all those boots! I have a pair of brown suede and leather riding boots my mom got me from Kohl's for Christmas like three years ago. They have held up really well. I have a black pair I think she got me from JCPenney the next year I think. I also wanted a pair of gray boots so I recently just bought a pair from Target actually. They have black, brown, cognac, and taupey gray. They are only $50 but actually they are real leather. They aren't a Frye boot, but I can't actually usually justify that expense so I went for the cheaper ones. Let me know what you decide! I can't wait to see what you pick :)

Breakfast At Toast said...

If you see MY new flat boots (in black) please do let me know! I found some cute over the knee boots and did buy them but need new black below the knee (flat) boots.