Freck's Friday Fancies LXVI

IT'S FRIDAY! We did it!

Let's get right down to the Fancies, shall we?

Old Navy. Jigga-wha? Yep, Old Navy. Have you seen some of their cozy and adorable items this season? Well, then let me show you!

Ruffles, Sigh!

The almighty Queen of coziness.

I happen to have a couple pairs of these, not from Old Navy, and I love them.

Don't judge me. I just bought this from J. Crew and am loving how comfy it is. I'd rock this with skinny jeans and boots. Trust me, it's casual and adorable.

Hooray for the weekend!!!


C said...

You had me at "ruffles" LOL!

Tommy said...

Very nice!! I haven't been to Old Navy in a while...if the men's selection is anything like the women's (in terms of amping up the sophistication), I'm on board.