Remember This?

This? From Field Trip on Etsy?

I finally found the perfect frame for it! See?

Also, check out the Ransom vino {on the left}! TBF is really into Ransom gin {on the right} and when he found out they made wine he picked up a bottle! It is a delicious pinot noir, I highly recommend it, it was delicious!!

Altogether now! :D

Happy Monday!!


Lindsay said...

Looks awesome!! I have to make a trip to ikea to pick up one of those shelves..

jmc said...

stop being so freaking cute.

love you!

Breakfast At Toast said...

Looks GREAT! I just ordered a really cute fashion sketch on etsy and am waiting to hear back from another seller on a cute silhouette I want to buy. I have got to get some art on these walls!

Tommy said...

What a cool spot!

C said...

LOOOOVE your composition!
gotta find me a new apartment to be able to copy you!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

Looks great. Wish I had an eye for decorating like you do. I can only copy ideas. Speaking of which, this look {or one very similar to it} may make its way into my home soon. ☺