Schwinn Guilt

So after reading over my last post. I feel like a @#$*#($. Why? My father, after 8 years of having the same car since I was 16, actually just helped me purchase a new vehicle that is a major upgrade to the one I had. You see, Bernie, my old car, would never have passed California emissions standards, let alone survive the drive out to California. So it was time to invest in a new set of wheels, and not a Schwinn this time.

Here's Bernie before...

That sweet spoiler is what made this Oldsmobile feel sporty. Bernie's blushing.

And this is the one I have now...

Isn't it pretty?!

TF and I are giddy little school kiddies because it's amazing and such an upgrade compared to Bernie (sorry Bern...).

It sync's up with my phone! For those of you who don't know what that means (I didn't!), your car acts as a blue tooth. So whenever you dial or receive a call while in the vehicle, your car takes over and acts as a bluetooth!

That's right, my lucky caller (aka the sushi place down the street) speaks to me through the speakers. Very cool.
And get this...there's a sunroof! Yep, I'm thrilled about something that has been around for a very long time. It's my FIRST sunroof though! It'll be awesome in SM.

My dad's gets the "best dad ever" award for searching high and low for the best vehicle for us. Thanks dad :)


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Grace said...

Love it! Congrats on the new ride...and what a great Dad you have!

AEOT said...

B has a Ford Fusion *which I think this is* and he LOVES it. It is an awesome car. Tons of space for a sedan too!!! Way to go, Daddy Freck!!