Mission Accomplished.

Success!! We found an apartment! TF and I won't be homeless when we move to Santa Monica at the end of May. Yippee!!

Here's a look at our trip...

We enjoyed the view from our patio.

Of course we went here to enjoy some yummy breakfast where we met the head baker, her husband, new baby and her parents!

We enjoyed the view of the Promenade from here.

We stayed here.

We soaked in the sun.

Took a trip to the beach.

And even saw the Grand Canyon!

I can't believe this is our new home. ...Wow. :)


Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Welcome to Cali! Where else can you go to the beach to soak up the sun and drive about an hour to play in the snow.

Grace said...

Amazing! So excited for you both, and congrats on the new digs! xoxo

Tommy said...

Nice!! Kudos.

Fashion Therapist said...

Yeah!!! Sounds like an awesome trip. Congrats on finding your new home. Drinks before you leave?