Come Back.

All I need is one Olson twin. I know they walk around looking like homeless folks every now and then, but they really clean up and act well in the movies! Maybe I just miss them...and Full House?

Whatever, I just need an Olson twin back in my life.

Who's with me!?


jenn said...

omg - i love the olsen twins something fierce. mk was never really my deal - but i love me some ashley olsen. Ugh. Perfection. (except for the dressing like a homeless person 90% of the time).

City Girl Chicago said...

She looks absolutely eXquisite here ~ just goes to show what a little hair, makeup, and STYLE can do eh? :) I've always thought they were darling

Sassy Engineer said...

I agree! I found them slightly annoying as they got older on Full House, but I loved their TGIF show Two of a Kind. I also loved all of their cute movies when they were young teenagers. I love their style now too, so I'm on board for them to come back!

featherfactor said...

Haha I love the Olsen's - they are gorgeous girls who insist on covering it all up sometimes...but I still love their unique style :)