Where did the weekend go??

It's snowing in Chicago.


It's April 5. 

Not okay.

Where did this weekend go? My weekend started Thursday evening when I went to see RENT with TBF which was AWESOME. He bought tickets for us for my birthday/anniversary present. I totally teared up about 3 times, which is a lot for me...It was wonderful. I'd only seen the movie, so I was pretty pumped to see it live! Adam Pascall and Anthony Rapp, two original members, were in it which I think is pretty awesome. I definitely recommend going to see it!

Friday I ran a few enjoyable errands (hello Target!), went out to dinner, then Guthries Tavern with TBF, a fantastic, chill bar in Wrigleyville where people basically sit around and play board games while drinking. 

Such a blast, totally recommend Guthries.

SO fun for an evening where you really just want to relax with a cold beer and some fun people. He totally kicked my booty in Scrabble. Warped is a very high scoring word, FYI.

What old school fun is all about.

Saturday was a successful shopping day at J. Crew and Gap and today was a lazy day filled with some local shopping (err...browsing) until it started RAINING AND SNOWING. Sick.

I did purchase this sweet Cubs hat though...

A new staple accessory for the days where I don't have time to shower...

Off to bed, time for another Monday. I will be going home in T-4 days which I'm extremely excited about.

What the?? No, this is NOT me, but it's just too good not to include in the post.



Jenn said...

i was in chicago this weekend visiting family. we left right before the snow started but now we're getting it in milwaukee. wtf this is supposed to be spring!!!! hang in there :)

Jennifer said...

I love RENT!! It is an amazing show and I could see it over and over. I don't think that the movie did the real thing justice.

The snow needs to disappear until next winter...

Ashley said...

ooooo.. i COULD NOT handle snow in april lol.

Katie Lake said...

I LOVE scrabble. Daddy and I used to get caught up in Scrabble tournaments for hours at a time. When I started winning it got even more heated lol.