Beeping Noises and Paul Rudd

Every time I walk into a store these days, the security alarm beeps like crazy and I have no idea why. This is perfectly fine when the beep occurs every once in awhile..but when it happened during my teeny shopping extravaganza in every single store, it got a little old and slightly embarrassing; especially when I walked into one store (which was a teeny bit more hipster that normal) and a dude with huge, metal, circle earrings on (sorry I don't know what they're called) shouted said, "stealin shit already?!" hahahahaha.

Not funny.

The Freck goes beep.

I have no tags on my clothes, I wasn't wearing anything new...what the eff. I walked into Urban Outfitters and beeped which made me not want to return to the store to buy the fantastic giant ipod bud speakers that I wanted...perhaps another time. I refuse to walk into stores naked so I will continue to beep.

Anyway, onto my next subject: PAUL RUDD.

Have you seen Role Models or I Love You, Man? (or atleast Clueless???)

He plays a similar character every single time.

and I love it.

SO sweet, SO genuine, so adorable!

Ladies, there IS a Paul Rudd out there for all of you who will be super sweet and make you roll over laughing because he's a dork. Maybe that's not your thing, but it's mine, which is why I adore this dude.

TBF won't like this post, but since he sometimes calls me his little Elizabeth Shu (which I will never agree that we look similar), I will call him my little Paul Rudd.


CTB said...

He's what my friends and I would refer to as a "hot dork." He is so cute and lovable!

Lindsay said...

I love Paul Rudd!

Jackie said...

The beeping happened to me once too! Every store I went into...beep beep beep beep. Anyway, turns out I had a new J Crew bag and in it was a sensor that you are supposed to cut out. Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, and Gap have them in their clothes too. On clothes they are usually on the inside of a shirt near the bottom on the side. I would look for those on whatever you were wearing, or whatever bag you were carrying....especially if it is new! Hope that makes sense!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Perhaps you've been tagged by the government or implanted with something? Kidding, I'm not a crazy paranoid human, ha! And Paul? Uh, love him. Clueless did it for me!

Katie said...

Love him! He's so awkward. :)