Shoes...Omigod Shoes

I just got these today and I love them :)

This isn't the exact picture because the ones that I got are more a sharper patent black leather and have a long feather/leaf looking detail along the side. Very quirky and the perfect heel height.

When TBF and I were walking around the shoe store, we noticed that were a ton of jesus sandals. I'm not digging these jesus sandals, or the shoes that are commonly known as gladiator sandals that go up  the ankle. Thoughts??

Some girls who pull off the bohemian look can pull these off, and I am happy for them. I can't pull them off! 

Speaking of bad shoes...

I stumbled across this site:

I'm guilty of one. Uggs. I can't help it, it's coolddd in Chicago!

This is creepy but I found it to be appropriate since my post was all about SHOES :) Fast forward to one minute in and end it around 2:15 because the first and last parts are weird...

Weird, right? but kind of funny..

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!


Jenn said...

haha too funny! i don't personally wear ugg's, but i don't mind them. it's when you see them on people in california in the dead of summer that it really makes me wonder...and gladiator sandals...some are cute, some aren't. you have to be some kind of a fashionista to pull them off, i think! :) btw - cute shoes, and they ARE the perfect height. they look like they'll be comfy!

Krystal said...

so sad! i wear uggs too...and i held off for a long long time too, but..darn it, it's cold! and they are so warm!!!

Katie said...

First, agreed about the Jesus shoes.. I feel like they would make my legs look really short. and second that video is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

best. video. ever. :)

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Jennifer said...

Hahaha I just can't get into the Jesus sandals. And I think I really couldn't pull them off. I personally don't like Uggs, but I think that it stems from seeing all of the teenage girls wearing them in the summer with mini skirts! The ones that really drive me crazy though are Crocs! I taught chemistry labs and it drove me crazy when students would wear them to class. Hello!...No open toed shoes include the ones with hole in them!