They Make What?

Being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I ventured to the online land of NFL Redskins football gear to purchase some sort of paraphernalia so I no longer look out of place when we go to the Redskins bar here in Chicago. Have you done this? Have you ventured onto these sports gear sites? Can we talk about some of the ridiculous, yet hilarious items you can find and purchase for what I would hope to be only placed in a man's bachelor pad or man cave?

Let me give you a taste.
and no, these aren't my fancies..

Oh good! You have a tape measurer!

Hangers?! Perfect!

Drapes?! Hooray!

A Redskins purse?! It's what I've always wanted!

Alright, really? A hammer...??

...And my favorite...Will this lawn figurine fit in the mancave?

Please note, no offense to anyone who has similar items displayed loud and proud in their home. They just create the darndest things to make money off of!

Have a great weekend :)


xo, Alexi said...

Hahahaha really cute post. I've never done it and I don't think I ever will! If you want a really cute team shirt, though, you should actually check out Victoria's Secret. I was there yesterday and since I went to the one in Chicago, they had a bunch of Bears stuff. I was tempted to buy a shirt even if I don't follow football.

xo, Alexi
at DGandA

JTS said...

I love that I can get almost anything I want in my favorite team's logo! I've currently got a Colts bowler style purse on my Christmas list. But a tap measure?

Shaina said...

Oh my gosh. After living in DC for a few years ... I certainly came in contact with a ton of rabid Redskins fans. The biggest one lived directly across the hall from us. He drove a Redskins-red PT Cruiser with fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror and a Redskins license plate. It was really hard doing anything at home on Redskins football days because he would scream so loudly.

He was ... fun.