Idol Love

Enough already! I knoooow ADAM LAMBERT is a better singer, but darnit Kris Allen is WAYYYY more likable.

YES TBF, I knoooooww Kris is kind of a Jason Mraz wannabe...but he's fantastic, and adorable.

and I'm super happy he won :)



Habbala said...

YAY! I totally agree. I love him, and even though i am from San Diego and was supposed to LOVE Adam--- I just didn't. I think he's annoying.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! Adam hurt my ears. When he came out with that horrible cage-jacket thing and glitter makeup I wanted to vomit. Then I saw it was for KISS and it all made sense. He will do much better with KISS or Queen (yeah, notice the decade people!) than on Top 40 radio.