Sorry, I have been MIA

Last final? Check.

Graduation in T-5 days

TBF's birthday is in T-5 days

Yep, they're on the same day. Pretty awesome. If you knew TBF, you'd know that my graduation is basically a huge present for his birthday, haha. He's getting a pretty sweet present; I won't share it on here until after his birthday though, he's probably my biggest fan on here...I don't want to risk it :)

He was super awesome after my last final on Saturday. He met me at the L and I literally danced all the way home because I was so happy I was done with studying and exams we walked home together. When I walked in my room flowers and a delicious bottle of Shiraz were laying on my bed. I feel I must note that TBF doesn't buy flowers. 


He bought me flowers :)

After I ran around like a giddy child because I never thought the day that TBF would buy me flowers would come, He then cooked me a delicious lunch with scallops and shrimp on a delicious salad. I was a very happy gal. 

That night, TR's and I went on a senior bar crawl with 175 other seniors...my first and last bar crawl. It was a blast, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing it again any time soon. 

Anyyywaaay, I'm ready for some serious boating this summer. Daddy Freck is putting the boat in the water today which makes me sooo happy and excited!! 

I've been looking at J.Crew's suits on sale lately for boating...thoughts?

Looking forward to boating season :) Now if only I had a friend who had a boat up here on Lake Michigan...

Have a lovely week!!


Milltini said...

Congrats on being done! So very exciting!

Lindsay said...

I love the J.Crew suits..I've been eyeing them up for awhile!

Katie said...

Congrats on graduation!

Jenn said...

congrats on graduating, and your flowers are beautiful - your bf has great taste!!

Jane said...

So excited for you! Excited for me too! Yay for being done!!

jlc said...

Last final!? Oh I am envious. And that suit is just the prettiest thing! :)

CTB said...

Congratulations!! Those flowers are beautiful too. How thoughtful of him. I think the one piece would be fun and different. I say, do it girl! :)

Jennifer said...

Yay flowers! Congratulations on the last final! Graduation is almost here!

Katie said...

check out my blog, I tagged you in a little something