It finally happened...

So it finally happened….I was told when my last day will be.

Before I came into work today, I was aware that I would keep my part-time position until I found a full-time position elsewhere because the company is experiencing a hiring freeze.

My last day is June 2, three weeks from today and the one year anniversary of when I started.

I knew it was coming…but it still really sucks. I’m really going to miss the people I’ve worked with over the past year. I always told myself how blessed I was to be looking for a job while I have one and now I can no longer say that. However, I am walking away with a great network of friends and what feels like 10 years of marketing experience. I’m very blessed to have interned where I did.

I can now say that a little time off could really rejuvenate me and make my job search my full time job. Fortunately, it is summer-time and I can soak up the sun on Papa Freck’s boat while I’m not looking for a job.

My parents may not love the fact that I’m not bringing in some disposable income, but I think they understand that it’s a difficult time and I’m not sitting around doing nothing. Last weekend at graduation, they told me they were so proud of me and it brought tears to my eyes to hear. It felt so good.

So now what? Did anyone have any fun jobs before they obtained their full-time position post graduation? Craigslist and other job search engines have become my new best friend. I called my parents last night and told them about some Kaplan courses I can take to prepare me for the GMAT, but my mom advised that I take some time off and wait until I can completely focus on it. Good advice mom : )

CUBS GAME TONIGHT WITH TBF!! It’s been one of those days…I have a feeling it’s going to be what one of TR’s calls “one of those nights” : )


Krystal said...

i love "funemploymnet"! haha i'm with ya on that one!

CTB said...

I agree with Krystal - I like your "funemployment" idea.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear you're out of a job. Enjoy your funemployment while it lasts!

Jenn said...

funemployment - haha! at least you have the right idea. i'm sure something will come along soon, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)