Holiday Decor Color Scheme

I must admit, I jumped the gun on my Holiday decorating before Thanksgiving with some small touches here and there, but I haven't really done much more than that. So now it's time to add some more solid pieces!

Which leads me to :: What is your Holiday decor color scheme?

Traditional red and green?

Traditional blue and silver?

Green and silver?

Pastels and silver?

Gold and silver?

Small neutral touches of a warm, cozy Holiday glow?


images via here and here

Did I miss any? I love Holiday decor! My small touches were red and white/silver. What's yours?

Happy Monday!
Stay warm! :) The high is only 21 today in Chicago! Brrr!


Tommy said...

I'm not really going to decorate my apartment too much, but I'm leaning toward green and silver! Nice offering. I haven't really seen much of that color combination before.

AEOT said...

Traditional red and green with white lights!! Pics coming soon on the blog!

Shaina said...

So pretty! I love red and metallics. And that nontraditional, lime-y apple-y green. You know what I'm talking about, right? :) Anyway - I hear you are going to the manicure event in Chicago in a couple of weeks! I'll be there - can't wait to meet you in person!