Little Luxuries and Happiness

Let's chat today. I know, I normally just post what I'm digging lately, but I thought I'd take a moment today and share something a little more thought provoking...

Lately, I've been working
a ton, and I'm learning it's okay awesome, to treat myself with little luxuries and take in those special moments nice and slow because well, it's the little things that make us happy in the end.

Have you read January's issue of Real Simple yet? There's an article about measuring happiness, and it's
fantastic. I personally love the last bit regarding the psychology of happiness (with the most adorable puppy picture ever on the opposite page) because the author, Meg Wolitzer, explains how she prefers the little things to keep her happy, as opposed to the big things (i.e. massive salary, trips to Africa, that Chanel clutch, you see where I'm going). Whether it be making her bed daily (a small accomplishment, but a luxurious accomplishment, nonetheless) or sitting down with her husband uninterrupted after a stressful day with a glass of wine, this is what makes her happy.

So where was I going with this? Well, I agree wholeheartedly with Meg, and I thought I'd share my little luxuries that have given me a little spark of happiness on those gloomy days over the past few stressful months.

that awesome smelling candle on my console

a good cup of coffee

a charming, single strand of Christmas lights

a yummy glass of wine

fresh flowers

nice shampoo

and lastly, a good magazine.

What are your little luxuries that make you happy?

Happy Thursday! We're almost done with the week (and this makes me happy)!


C said...

well, here ther are a few little pleasures of mine:
1. reading a post from a fellow blogger and realising she likes small little things aswell.
2. finding my dad stole the last 3 chocolates I had on my drawer (family business) and laughing at him cause he only admitted to have eaten 2 of them (eyes rolling)
3. finally finishing today the wedding albums for my grandma, mum and auntie and thinking about her happiness when they open a totally unexpected Xmas present.
4. a cup of green tea after lunch.
5. getting home a bit earlier than usual and finding my husband nervously hiding xmas presents LOL!

kLl said...

Popcorn tins. The ones you can only get now that have caramel, cheese and butter. And eating all three flavors in one bite.

Grace said...

What a nice post! Little things that make me happy:
1. A lazy Saturday afternoon wandering Dublin with the two people I love the most.
2. Reading my favorite blogs - what a nice break in my day!
3. That cup of coffee with my feet up on the couch when C first goes down for a nap.
4. A fresh clean apartment.
5. Clean sheets - can't beat that fresh laundry smell!

Tommy said...

I'm so late on this but, I have to say Aveda anything. It's not necessarily crazy-expensive, but it's more than, like, Jergens. I love lighting my candles from there or using their shampoo. Yum.