It's That Time of Year...

...we need to get our new agenda's!

I loved my small
Moleskin planner, but I think I might go for something more fun for 2011. Where's your planner from? I've been searching and found a couple of contenders...

Grass Pocket Planner

Phizzwizard Planner

Twenty 11 Planner

This one may be the winner...still classic, but with a fun ribbon and closure :) This also comes in different colors, I love the green, too!


Be sure to check out these cute clip board calendars, love!

Happy Tuesday!


Janneke said...

I do love the last one as well! Fortunately I won't have to search for a calendar for a while - I got a Franklin Covey leather planner in May for graduation and will just need to get refills come May '11.

Miss E said...

I love the last one! Love how it ties up!

Pink Julep Abroad said...

I need a new one too! But I'm having trouble finding one that I like... I'm picky. Goodluck with finding yours!

Tommy said...

Damn you and your awesome etsy listings! My current calendar is a green leather one from Paper Source, and I'm sad to say that I've barely used it.

Next year I may just stick to the one in my phone. That's weird, too, because I'm a paper fiend. Le sigh.