Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

I'm back, and it feels good :)

First of all, before I get back into the swing of things, I want to take a hot minute and thank you all for your kind words and support while I was away. Words can't express how thankful I am to be a part of such an incredible blogging community full of genuine and kind people!

Now let's jump right in, shall we!?

It's cold in Chicago! Holy moly! I had my first moment today where my breath was taken away with the chilly wind, brr!

This moment always hits me too soon every year, so what's a girl to do? Bundle up of course!

Although I'm not a big fan of puffy coats, and neither is TBF, I think this looks so warm and cozy!

So chic. Need I say more?

A little military, anyone?

I love this coat, in every.single.color.

Stay warm! :)


Breakfast At Toast said...

SO sad I'm missing the first snow!!! Loving all these coats!

Tommy said...

Welcome back. :) Nice coat picks! I'm sort of anti-puffy, too, but I've had a black Eddie Bauer down coat for several years, and although it's not the most stylish, it's definitely the warmest. This year I bought a Gap pea coat in navy (how appropriate!) when they did their 40% sale. It's nice so far.

Grace said...

J'adore that J.Crew camel coat. Me wanty!! xoxo

Shaina said...

Ooooooh I am in love with that last coat, too! It is SO perfect.