Weekend Recap + Birthday Week

Whoa baby it's Monday.

Whoa baby my birthday is in 6 days. I can't believe another year has flown by. I can't help but reflect on how things were a year ago at this time and how much has changed. I'll keep those wee details to myself though :)

Well, no partay this year, but I will be attending another Cubbies game (this Saturday), which is always a good time.

Onto the weekend recap. Saturday was filled with some pre-birthday (unsuccessful) shopping. I was hoping to use some some birthday moolah and get long-ish shorts, a fun skirt and/or neutral pumps for Orlando. Unfortunately, I scored none of the above and just refilled my makeup case. Meh, could have been the LONGer commute than normal to get to the mall (an hour and a half?!?!) that made me in a blah meh I don't feel like trying stuff on mood.

Sunday I cleaned and purged items like a mad woman. Holy cow does my apartment look better. I know this has a giant "iStockphoto" in the middle, but the picture was too good to pass up.

Alright, back to Dancing With The Stars. Which I'm kind of really digging and want Cheryl Burk and Ochocinco to get together already. Can I get an AMEN!?!

Happy thank God Monday is over!


Frugal Brunette said...

AMEN sista ;)
we here in Bengals Nation of course love him and I may or may not have heard some local radio news about him dating at least someone. Too bad I never heard if it is true and if so who it is!!!

jenn said...

happy birthday week! can't wait to hear all about it. and i still haven't managed to get into DWTS. i tried watching tonight & lasted maybe 2 minutes before i wanted to poke my eyes out!

Tommy said...

Birthday week + J.Crew?! Totally.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday week! Too bad you didn't find any fun treasures this weekend!

emily said...

AMENN!!! they are sooo cute!!! ... and have you noticed his hands?? theyre hugeeeeee!! ha anywayy...happy birthday :)