Hello Pretty :)


This evening TBF and I will be going here for a pre birthday celebration. I'm so excited!! We love Rick Bayless!

Saturday we'll be going to a Cubs game, and I'm not really sure what I actually want to do yet on Sunday, my actual birthday. Maybe the Shedd? It's been awhile.

Off to get ready for din din!

Happy hump day!


jenn said...

chicago in the spring is a beautiful thing. (not an intentional rhyme) sometimes its amazing & sometimes it sucks. so far we've been lucky!!

Kim said...

Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather this weekend!! Glad it's finally warming up out there!

AEOT said...

It's going to be 80 here today. Soooo bummed that I'm at work then drs apt then night out with some neighbors. All I really want to do is go on a 5 mile walk with the puppy!!! It's just too beautiful for anything else!

Of course Sat's high here is 49 degrees. Ugggg.....

Enjoy the weather- get out and get shopping. I'm sure there is a birthday treat just waiting to be found!