Freck's Friday Fancies XXXXIII

Come on Chicago weather, work with me!
Oh hello there Friday :)

The sun is trying it's darndest to come out and gosh darnit, as
Fashion Therapist put it, I feel fierce when I have some rockin' shades on.

Check out this week's fancies...

Ray Ban,

TBF has
these and man oh man I love 'em on him so much that I want a pair now!

Can't go wrong rocking an aviator. I happen to have a pair in purple that I got from San Diego on the beach. Do I still rock them in Chicago? Why, yes I do.

Big Glamour is right.

Are the white shades out this year? (Don't hate me, but I kind of hope so. I never jumped on that wagon)

I always dig the cat eye.

Did I miss any? What kind do you rock til ya don't stop?



Sassy Engineer said...

sometimes I decide to not be lazy and put my contacts in just so I can wear sunglasses! My faves are the first three. I wish you could come down to TX because we are having beautiful weather right now!

Katie said...

Love the aviators! I'm also a fan of the white shades, I bought a pair a couple of seasons ago and still wear them from time to time!

Blackeyed Susan said...

Eww I despise white sunglasses, I don't know what it is about them! They scream tacky to me lol! I've had my eye on the clubmasters, they are so cute and retro!