Miz Gosselin Wears Fierce Pumps

You'll understand the title as you read on. The random-ness in the title reflects the random-ness in this post.

Welcome to Freck's brain, some of you may already be aware of how random I am.

First of all, holy toledo your
comments have made me even more excited about getting neutral pumps. I plan on picking some up on Thursday after work (if not earlier online). I'll be sure to share once I do :)

Next up, did anyone see Christian Siriano's show on Monday night? Yes, the kid who coined the adjective, "fierce!" Holy cow, he's just adorable! I never watched him on Project Runway, obviously he's a great designer, but he seems like a hilarious and wonderful person, too. I want to put him in my pocket.

The Miz. Does anyone remember this kid from the
Real World who would walk around the house acting like a wrestler goon? Yeah, well he's totally on WWE now, his dream, and my goodness it is HILARIOUS.

Note - please see Jenn's comment below. I.die.

How is this woman still on Dancing with the Stars?! Yes, that's Kate Gosselin under all those extensions.

Last but certainly not least, tonight is an exciting night for TBF. The short film (that TBF is the lead in) is premiering tonight in Chicago and I'm so very excited for him. The process has taken about a year and a half, so you can imagine how excited I am (and nervous he is) to have it finally be finished and come out. Good vibes would definitely be appreciated :)

Happy Hump Day!


jenn said...

Haha! I don't watch Dancing With the Stars & with the addition of Kate Gosselin, I will now NEVER watch! But she looks ridic.

And I actually own that Christian Siriano book, courtesy of Lisa at Fantabulously Frugal. She sent it to me & I was so excited! The book is hysterical and he talks about all of his phrases in it!

And "the miz" actually went to college with me. I even attended a frat party with him once because he was a good friend of one of my guy friends in his frat & he needed a date. Enter Jenn. He is every bit as dumb in person as you'd expect. :)

Kim said...

So I've never watched Dancing with the Stars before, but I started this season just to see what a trainwreck Kate would be. OMG it's worse than I ever imagined! I seriously cannot stand watching her, it's so awkward and horrible!!! I guess that's what makes people keep watching!

Fashion Therapist said...

This title is awesome! I do remember the Miz and actually spotted him a few times when I lived in LA. So funny!

Milltini said...

Fierce! Way to go TBF! That is very exciting stuff. And The Miz--blast from the past. Absolutely hysterical.

Frugal Brunette said...

good god i just had a blonde moment - tried forever to comment, probably clicked "Freckles" a million times (imagine clicking getting faster and faster as frustration rises) until i gave up, closed the window and saw that the comment window had simply opened behind themain one..... wow.

ANYWHO: I might actually have to check out that book. I loved him on the show so it might totally be worth it

(that intro to this was actually longer than the actual comment. im embarrassed)