What Not To Hair

I friggen love this show.

A lot.

They perform MIRACLES. I even have Stacy and Clinton's InStyle book and got Clinton's book for one of my sister in laws because hellooo we could all use a makeover every now and then. Am I right, or am I right?!

Kidding, she didn't need one, I just really liked the book.

Anyway, let's talk about Nick Arrojo's hair. Listen I'm no hair pro, but I mean..sometimes its on...

Rock it, do it to it Nick.

Sometimes it's WHAT THE?!

Know what I'm sayin?

Yowza Nick.

Shoutout to my male audience (aka Tommy), I'd love to hear what you think about his herr!


Sassy Engineer said...

I'm just sad nick isn't on the show anymore. I don't like the new guys as much. I also agree that the first hairstyle is waaaaay better!

EmilyB said...

LOL!!!!! Hilarious post! I'm right there with ya. Nick was hit or miss with his own style....and sometimes I'd say he did a disservice to a few clients. I actually like the new guy!

I'm Lindsay! said...

Totally agree..and his trademark line, "Do I get a hug?". Surely there's a youtube mashup of it!

Tommy said...

Thanks for the shout, Freck!

I love this show, but I agree with Sassy. I miss Nick, although I also like Ted Gibson. Nick's hair looks way better short, and I think that Carmindy's hair has (until very recently) looked terrible. Drowned rat...not helped by all those floaty tops. She seems to dig that hippy-with-lipstick look a little too much, but I think she's toned it down lately.

Katie said...

I don't mind his hair, but I think he GIVES some of the worst cuts I've ever seen! Surprised he's even still on the show ...