Sex and The City 2 Trailer #2!!

Released today!

So excited!!!

Abu Dhabi? Anyone else think that's super random?

Fancies to come later :)



Milltini said...

SUPER random Abu Dhabi reference. But, Aidan looks so hot. I hope she and Big stay together though. I cannot wait for May 27th!

Kim said...

OMG I watched this today on perez. It looks SOOO good!!! I can't believe aidan is back, but I really hope she stays with Big!! And I can't believe Charlotte - having a breakdown as a mom! Looks so good, I can't wait!!

jenn said...

cannot wait!!! and abu dhabi is like the new fashion capital of the world - the wealth there is unbelievable!!

Tommy said...

This looks like fun, but Aidan is in Abu Dhabi? Really??

The first movie was good, but I hope they stop after this movie, or it's really going to cheapen the series, I think.