I'm Having one Of Those Awesome Moments...

Within the past couple years I've become that person who if I'm having a great day, I'll stop, take it in, and remember everything about the moment and how I was feeling and put it in my memory bank. I do this on vacations, birthdays, on beautiful days when life is good, when I'm with my family, boating..you get the idea.

I'm having one of those moments and I wanted to post about it so I made sure not to forget. So yeah, this may be a wee bit corny, but here I go :)

Today feels good and I want to remember it because...
-TBF and I went out for a walk this morning when the city was still quiet, the sun was shining, and no one was out and about yet (a very rare occurrence in my hood).
-I ran 6 miles last night, a distance I've never hit before. Endorphins = awesome.
-I'm going to the Cubs game today, where happiness is contagious.
-TBF is making a massive breakfast for me and I'm getting some extra princess treatment because tomorrow is my birthday.
-I just got my tax refund. My first year to actually have it go straight to my bank account because my parents didn't claim me on theirs. Having an accountant in the fam rules.
-Leaving for Orlando in 5 days for a girls trip. Awesome.

My apologies if you're barfing at this post :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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EmilyB said...

YAY for happy moments. You are so right that it's good to document them so that you can channel them on a bad day. You have lots of great reasons to smile!