And We're Back

Happy New Year!!

Did you have a great one? Did you stay in? Did you go out? Did you form a new tradition?

TBF and I went out and I decided to wear the first outfit. It was definitely perfect for the occasion. Speaking of outfits, we also had some GREAT people watching. How many of you who went out saw this?

..and they thought they looked like this?

There just happened to be a stage and it was full of some snooki wannabe's with tons of sequins on and the highest heels I've ever seen in Baltimore. Yikes. Did you have some good people watching?


ms. mindless said...

i LOVE people watching. glad you guys had fun!

C said...

We had a great time in a friend's house (picture us playimg board games girls vs boys and the girls, of course winning all the time)
Happy new 2011 sweetie!

PS: yes, we cheated more than once but if they cant see it, it doesnt count, right? :)