E is for Elephant.

Have I ever shared how much I adore elephants? They've kind of been stuck with me all my life because my first name starts with an E, and ever since we were little, E was always for elephant! Plus, come on, they're adorable.

Right? Right.

Aren't they cute?

Did you know it's bad luck to have the trunk directed down? I recently learned that!

Psst! Send some birthday love over to beautiful Grace!

Happy Tuesday :)


C said...

The little toy is super cute!
I love woody small animals...
Good morning there!

Fashion Therapist said...

Elephants and penguins are my fave. Had no idea that it was bad luck with the trunk down. Learn something new everyday.

Grace said...
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Grace said...

Aw thanks, Freck! I love elephants, too - and so does C! xoxo

Kari Beth said...

We started loving elephants when our Elle Louise! Her first year has been kind of elephant themed. "Elle"phant! Get it?!? Ha :-)